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Fantasy. Football expert also joins us in our number two and then ten we do your favorite transition at of all transitions out there ken. Barkley's favorite is when we transition from football too football. Nikki foods ball picked her tomorrow in the champions league with real madrid and inter milan and a primarily recap for the weekend. That wasn't a couple of early looks at some vets sneaky. Football will be looking to place this weekend in the english primarily game of whatever you prefer an hour number three joey clinician our number three college football beds for the weekend james mazzola four profit podcast our number three gulf fixed for the weekend. The games that ken is already bet in the power hour day. Two of locked miss in the power hour so much. Good stuff coming up here on you better you bet in any of it much of it all of it except for now we'll be done with a smile. It's going to be done with happiness. We're happy when bats getting great information from great guests having a good time doing it here on you better you bet and bet you well. There's really only one segment per week unless we lose bats and after come on the next day and talk about them but we don't. We can't account for that because we're trying to win all pets. There's only one segments that's filled with bile one segment filled to the brim with venom bursting over with vitriol and anger and tate. The segment used to be called p. o. s. Use your imagination. It's not that hard to figure out what it was actually called now that we are on terrestrial radio and have to comply by fcc guidelines ten. We were banding about some potential names for the segment and you are actually the one that landed on what we're at least going. Use the working title for the segment. Right now we'll try it out here and see how it goes. Yeah usually not my forte necessarily thinking of branding for our franchise elements but we went for a walk this morning and i was trying to think of like what do we want to do. Instead of the old title the whole title for the the segment and and came up with one and we're going to debut it and it's the suggestion that i made was. He's a slap. That's the that's the working title for the segment. So don't like somebody don't like a team don't like something that happened over the weekend and nfl game. He's a slap now. We not putting. Tyler morales are all dp works. Mgm tonight text us and wanted us to go with a moron. Because i do a lot of a moron that's like an. It's a great suggestion. But hey morons more like an open like a moron this in this case it's going to be blah blah blah blah dot dot dot. So and. so he's a slap now for people that don't know what the word slap is..

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