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The market which is sheldon richardson could end up going back to the jets and he hits the market on wednesday he's already kind of eyeing seattle as a possible stop there but now it's going to be a very fast and then you got the wide receivers i mean sammy watkins is gonna be very popular you know that alan robinson despite the knee injury is going to be popular so it's going to be fast guess whatsoever how to leave and peter's are going to fit into that locker room we know their talent but this is a team that just started winning last year they got rid of some veteran presences on the defensive side of the ball to bring these guys in i know wade phillips is there well respected defensive coordinator i'm just wondering with the anna how young they are i'm just kind of looking at some of their skill position players and some of the guys i know that are kinda young guys how how do you think that's gonna work we made it work and there was a lot of alpha males in denver locker room that can make you know because i know that's what i love about when you have kind of a a group like that that like for example i keep to leave i mean you know with with me jackson and von miller i still remember going over to the locker room and listening to me and the first thing was swear words are coming out of mouth after a win just because he likes to swear and the next thing you know it comes walking over to me and says nice glasses and then i walk over to him i said hey you got nice glasses too and he was nice enough to play for a bit parliament funke delic for me you gotta like that and also the environment that wade was able to get with his players and you know market market marcus peters comes from you know a little bit of the alpha male from the keys but he does tend to be a little bit immature but fits in perfectly so no i think they'll be fine and all of a sudden i mean what do you do against that defense because now i mean they can take away not your your best receiver your best to receivers and that gives way the.

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