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But tension shoppers clean up on fire fourteen at the suburban cleanup on oil up to fourteen burnt upper someone dropped a two jr pickles nicole simpson caught him pickles deep boxing at a big box door surprising what's not surprising how much you could say fly switching to guy couch maybe then which has the lights on push in the parking lot geico fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more guy guilt trip the maria who had led shino robin soon hello basketball fans that's right is your favorite day of new week it's a new episode of your e s p w will it's basketball podcast around the rim i of your whole slew china rob is enjoyed by my fantastic producer tariq foster bradsby it we have another guest joining us at the top of the show to help us work through the latest in greatest and women's basketball none other than the editor of women's hoops world dot com please join me in welcoming sue favor a welcome soon hey hi there lady reach agreement yes in fans will also know sue by her twitter handle which is at hoop ism so we are going to talk to sue and a few moments about all that she's doing to bring eisen attention to women's basketball which we appreciate but just to give you a preview of today's show because we are loaded we have the bentley head coach who is now part of the one thousand wind club none other than barbara stevens who is going to drop some jim's for us later on in the show about how she got two thousand winds what does she love about coaching her journey a pioneer in the game which is so important to share those stories social join us later we also have texas eighty names fine is that's right the agni's are going to join us all the show freshman sensation kennedy carter arguably the fresh another year is there a discussion i don't think so she will join us later in the show a law.

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