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Basically what happened was we learned about like this is the story. That kind of came out our resurfaced may be mine. Came out but Whenever the wholehearted fiasco happened over the off season this year because he was angry with the front office was a little bit of a wishful thinking. From rockets fans of hakeem went through the same thing basically telling ownership. I want out. I don't want to be here and i'm pretty. It was over money but as over the we're losing and you're not paying me well enough. We're not winning games. The way we should be and they gave him a big big deal. Robert ory a second season really stepped up. That's another guy. We drafted sam. Cassell was a rookie that year. He was huge for our championship. Teams at everybody. Houston is a big sam casella fan and so things really just kind of worked out at the right time that first year we portland. In the first round we own be phoenix. The second round. And what's crazy about phoenix right so in that second series phoenix. And this is actually like. It's really cool story because it gets low history about the you know everybody knows those teams as the clutch city teams. And that's where houston really. Got his moniker at a bank. Clutch city does i. Two games against phoenix rockets. Lost by four points in seven points. And there's a huge article with the front sang choke city and the players took You know the michael jordan. I took that personally Like that the michael jordan. Meanwhile they say like i that personally. They took that personally. They wrote choke city on their shoes and like they went out and they beat the sohn's by sixteen. They beat them by eleven. The game after that. Be my twenty three the game after that Phoenix ends obtain game. Six and game. Seven akeem goes offer. Thirty seven seventeen. I think it was by the end of game five. They were talking about like the choke city thing as it's not choke city leslie alexander. Former owner he says not choke city. It's clutch city. I end accompany starts club city entertainment..

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