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Barnwell show. Bill Barnwell ESPN. We are here on Thursday, November fifteenth two thousand eighteen a little later, we're going to talk with Catherine trail about the AFC north including the chances of Marvin Lewis, and John harbach keeping their jobs in Cincinnati and Baltimore respectively, but first we're gonna talk some AFC west and joining us do that as frequent contributor to the show. It is the athletes Lindsay Jones Lindsay. How are you? I'm good. How are you doing bell? I am good. I am very intrigued by the game. It is coming up on Monday night. And granted not just saying that because an ESPN employees and this is a good game on Monday night football, which you might say has not always been the case this season. You may have had a pretty mediocre game last week. But this week things are a lot better chiefs. And Rams it was supposed to be in Mexico City. It is going to be instead in Los Angeles, California. Which is why Lindsey you find yourself in Colorado this week your hometown or your home, I should say with the Rams. Yes, I'm done Colorado Springs. The the Rams came out here on Monday thinking that they would spend a week training altitude and then fly to Mexico City, which is at about eight thousand feet elevation and the air force academy here in Colorado Springs is about seventy five hundred feet, so even higher elevation than Denver is actually. But instead they thought their game was moving back to Los Angeles. But the Rams decided to stay here. They're just in there still so much upheaval back in may..

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