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The. From Radio Vermont. It's the Dave Ramsey. Show on wd. It's your show. About the people places and the issues that matter the most to you. Now, here's your host Dave Graham. Wednesday June the third twenty twenty and we have good full show lined up for you this morning. We're going to be speaking I in just a minute or so with Kevin mccollum. he is a reporter for seven days, and has been doing an excellent job covering statehouse in politics, and so once a rival I think from California. not too long ago. Maybe a year ago, and we'll check on all that in a couple minutes so with Kevin but. Later on in the second part of this hour, we're going to be speaking. With chief George Markle of the Virgin's police is also president of the Vermont. Association of Chiefs of Police and. Issued an interesting statement about the death of George Floyd Minneapolis, and of course all the reaction to that over the past ten ten, or so days are nine or so days I guess it is since that happened and chief Merck will be my guest from nine thirty five to ten, and then in the second hour of we are going to be I I hope I. think talking to one of. Of Our CBS news correspondents near the top of that, and then going to a pair of people who are opposite sides of a question about the future of Vermont Dairy Industry Blogger former journalists time. Lobbyists are my now blogger. Kevin Ellis is gonNA be joining me. He has a very provocative piece out this week. Talking about how the state shouldn't be devoting Cova demorcacy money as proposed to to the. To the Dairy Industry Vermont The dairy industry in Vermont is in big trouble. Economically it's got some environmental issues, et Cetera Kevin thinks it ought to be allowed to just sort of wither away. I'm GONNA pair him. Though with young and very dynamic dairy farmer, from Orange County by they marry white voice, she is a big defender and booster of the dairy industry and Vermont doesn't WanNa hear a word of this so I'm. I'm I I. WE'RE GONNA. Keep it civil, but I'm sure there will be some pointed discussion here I think about the future of dairy in Vermont in the second hour of the program today, so that should be interesting as well, but let's start off with Kevin mccollum this morning. Kevin good piece. You have coming out today seven days I got A. Your you folks are helping me out a lot by giving me a little bit of advance, warning about what's coming and I get to i. saw the piece overnight and was a was able to figure out what's going on from Europe perspective anyway on this on this question of of mail in voting in Vermont and once she gives us. well the papers now let's call it a pre-cap instead of a recap. How's that? Yeah, that works me. Okay. What are you report? What are you reporting today? Well, so when seven days come hits the street and a few hours here There's a story in there that I. Think is headlined one person one stamp and it's. tries to get to the bottom of why the issue of whether the state should switch to a mail in vote in November is such a contentious issue in Vermont, obviously nationally There's been a lot of talk about doing this as a lot of partisanship on it. There's been a lot of vitriol. There's the president has been attacking the concept of mail in voting as For fraud, and that as I think bled down into the local debate a little bit and what you're seeing is this protracted disagreement between Republicans and Democrats in the state of Vermont about how whether we should go forward with and mail voting. Yeah it's it's. It's interesting and the The legislation passed early this year. Basically set up the governor, and the Secretary of state who are of course from two different parties Jim Communists as a Democrat Phil Scott Governor and Phil Scott is a Republican and they were tasked with basically coming up with decision about mail in voting. For Vermont this year, and and more specifically decision about whether to basically send ballots out to all voters for the November election, which is what secretary condos wants to do. and so but this is this partnership has not been. Not Been Super Smooth looking to tell us about that now, so you're absolutely right. The legislature figured well. You know if we're GONNA have an a change to the elections that the state of Vermont has in twenty twenty given.

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