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She wants to stop any legislation from moving forward to harm the economy to try to win an election talks with the White House hit a wall on multiple issues, including aid to state and local governments. The president also considers postal service funding to be an issue. Meantime, one Republican senator wants answers about reported male delays, GOP said, or Susan Collins in a letter to post Master General Lewis to joy, saying she's received calls from constituents in Maine, who expressed concern regarding the delays and deliver Marie of critically needed male, including prescriptions. The joy has denied the male is slowing down. Even as the post office has made recent operational changes. Democrats have accused the Trump Administration of trying to undercut the post office to suppress male and voting. Something to joy Also denies boxes Rachel Sutherland, the president heads to New York later today to speak to a police union and a senior administration official now, says I'll also stop at a hospital to visit his brother Robert, who is said to be very ill. No other details yet limits on non essential travel extended into September over the U. S. Borders with Canada and Mexico acting Homeland Security chief Chad Wolf praising the joint effort to help slow the spread of Cove it. Wolf's appointment is being called improper by a watchdog agency. The Government Accountability Office. As the process outlined in federal law wasn't followed for the appointment of both Wolves and acting Deputy D. HS Secretary Ken Cuccinelli, referring the issue to the department's inspector General. America is listening to Fox. Minnesota work on J. W. Cox President Donald Trump will in fact be making a visit to Minnesota next week. The president will touch down at Mankato Regional Airport on Monday at to to speak to supporters to stop part of a three state swing Monday, which stops also planned in Wisconsin and Arizona. Republican State Senator Andrew Laying has high praise for governor Tim Walz, his choice to lead the Minnesota National Guard. Now that major General John Jensen was recently promoted to the head of the Army National Guard nationwide. He's also a major in the National Guard says the appointment of Brigadier General Sean Menke is an excellent choice. He's got a great reputation is a superior senior leader and In all honesty. A. He's just a very good guy that I'm gonna be very happy to have her on the capital in the upcoming years. General Maggie, a native of Cambridge, Minnesota, Extra do enforcement will be on Minnesota roadways between now and September 7th. My cans and director of the Office of Traffic Safety says it is a team effort will partner with law enforcement agencies from across the state as we work to remove those impaired drivers. Last year, there were 89 fatalities linked to impaired driving, GPS says each year. One in four fatalities in Minnesota is related to an impaired driver. Hamlin Church Dining hall will serve state fair favorites for a fundraiser event called the Taste of Hamlin. It will serve dishes such a state fair Swedish meatballs in brick oven bread on Sunday, August 30th from noon until three proceeds will go to a pair of nonprofits. This is imminent. Guys get a seven kids donate here today. Get think ISS donate here if I need your car. Well or any kind of real estate. Guys get kids. There's a stalled vehicle blocking the left Turn lane on 52 north about it. 66th Avenue. A stall cleared on for 94 once about it. Nikola Avenue. Also yet stalls and North bound cedar right shoulder blocked at 66th Westbound. 94. Right shoulder. A stall at 49th Avenue, 90 for also heavy spent brooked in lane 201st without really your crash. That's traffic on Twin cities. News Talk Game 11 30 And FM 103.5 this reporter sponsor for the podcast, The Piketon massacre They had snuck in in the night and committed these murder. The crime is.

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