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And mercy are proud that movie I thought was a great movie here are full channel and Jason Frehley WTOP news and there is the morning twelve forty eight on double traffic and weather on the aids and when it breaks are jumping on a bell in Maryland on the interface you had passed to renew drive in Central Avenue down to a single right lands of the works and this is where they are affecting the traffic pattern change on the inner loop of poaching sensual avenues for long term bridge project on the valley over top of Central Avenue they've already done the outer loop side earlier this week now it's the inner loops turns to just be aware as of late though volume is like just a brief chapter breaks within the works of within that works on on the attitudes about women gummy candy generally quiet but on the Randy go north on two seventy is a broken down tractor trailers was in more or less the safety zone between the lanes for two seventy in the beltway but he is kind of crowding that left lane on the exit to go north on two seventy so just be aware they were waiting I have you tried to remove him completely then on to seventy north on eighty five Bucky's town pike we're getting by the work there single fathers last night on the bay bridge this morning west found Spamalot for overnight maintenance he's found carries two way traffic one for each direction delays have been brief if the traffic in the district I to ninety five north on their Supermarked like single fall right past the works shown in down your cabinet Florida Avenue single file last past work they're out on the lanes were open and in north west a Porsche nine nine street was blocked each way between in peace street to northwest that as a result of a police investigation police were redirecting folks to the neighborhood streets as a result our new degree from university mailing global campus apply by January thirty first get your application fee way visit you am G. C. dot EDU you certified operate Virginia by shadow for China WTOP traffic storm team four track at a very windy Thursday across the area not so much early it'll be nice and mild early but then the wind begins to pick up the temperatures begin to fall during the afternoon.

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