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Were there. Fox News channel real news. Real honest opinion, thousands gathered for a candlelight vigil Newman California last night to honor fallen police corporal raniall sing respects because my husband is also a fireman. So it's all emergency emergency filled and has won it hits close down. The suspect in custody is in the country illegally after very intense. Search demand suspected of shooting and killing Newman. Police officer row Neil saying was arrested on Friday. Investigators say the suspect in killer was trying to get back to Mexico. He had been on the run for two days after police say the suspect shot saying the day after Christmas during a stop for a suspect in DUI saying, I just celebrated the holiday with his wife and five-month-old-son at least behind other family, including brother, who is absolutely heartbroken. Fox's John Paul. A group representing American law enforcement says line of duty fatalities rose this year. You look across the board. You see increases in every category law enforcement deaths this year one hundred and forty four total. That's up twelve percent from last year firearms related deaths showed a thirteen percent increase over last year's numbers. Fifty two officers shot and killed during this year and traffic related deaths. Earn far behind with fifty officers killed in traffic related incidents. That's up nine percent. And you also are seeing a big increase in desk by other causes notably heart attacks. Craig Floyd is the CEO of the national law enforcement officers memorial fund, thousands of people protested in Serbia for a fourth consecutive week over what they say it's been a stifling of democratic freedoms under president Alexander chick demonstrators marched throughout central Belgrade today carrying banners blowing whistles and chanting Bucci thief while blocking downtown traffic..

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