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About that? Any keep applying moisturizer day and night and avoid using really hot water in the shower per disease. Also drying drink plenty of water to, I did know that about hot water. For some reason, I forget. I think last time I it's, I'm skit issues. I was reading, don't use hot water. So yeah, I stopped the scrubbing. My legs have not. It's a week since like the last since I talked about this on the podcast last week may lay legs have been fine, happy to report. So a pick like one, maybe I'll do like the first. Maybe the first of every once will be scrubbing day. But I got to admit. When you have an edge, nothing feels as good as scratching. I know I dog sit there and do it all day. That scrubbing with that really dry brush. While dot great for me while doing it every day God damned, it feel good. Just. All also I gotta say one of the best. Things I ever bought a best inventions ever back scratcher. I have a wooden back scratcher. You know, I live alone. I don't have a wife. I currently don't have a girlfriend. I can put lotion everywhere. I can't reach the center of my back and so every now and then I will get it. The center of I back the drives me insane. I try not to scratch, but then I'll grab that back scratcher. Oh my God. It is just like it's orgasmic. Oh, Jesus. And you don't have to leave a come at saying, there are ways to get lotion on your back. I know they have these things that have a handle this as long as the back scratcher. But on the end they have like this foam is kind of pad and you can put lotion on it. I didn't know. This was the thing until I went to a store. And site, but sought at CVS actually bought one awhile ago. You can put some lotion on it and then apply on your back. How about that guys, the more, you know. So thanks for that anti. You'll be happy to do. I really quit the scrubbing of my skin. Yeah, maybe that's why. Skid isn't so fucked up. So there is a comment from. Username, mishmash. Looking at. I'm looking at the account, it's private, but I think. Her name. She Michel are Mike. I'm really bad with. It's FICA today, but the I has one of those little. Angled dots over it. I fifty, I am fifty. There's no excuse for not knowing this shit other than flat out laziness. So. Mike slash. Michelle. Apologized for. Butchering your name. Any Hugh, thank you for continued clockwork for your faithful listeners. I think talking about putting out this podcast every week. Without Michigan, which boy, I, I'm shocked. I've, I've been able to do it like this. It was so easy. With my old podcast, Steve AG it was just me and shooting the shit with my friends. I didn't like always ask. I didn't at that time. I didn't think I could talk for an hour by myself. I didn't like doing it by myself. So if I couldn't get a guest, I just wouldn't do an episode. It was very easy to go weeks months without doing an episode. It was. So I did my podcast so infrequently I did to one hundred episodes or ninety nine episodes over the course of like four or five years should have been way more actually had like a few hundred episodes. In that time, but I just I didn't have the about listeners that I have with this podcast. So like do you feel an for of pressure and obligation because there are more people listening, but you know, it's also a free podcast. You're not paying for it. Why. And what do I care if I miss a couple of episodes. But. The subject matter on this podcast means a lot more to me than just a podcast where shoot the show with my friends. So Ed, the responses have been awesome. That just kind of keeps me going anyway off topic. This episode was especially amazing the alert going off of presidential or add seen it earlier on Instagram, and as a Canadian, it was so weird..

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