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Who lost to Dominican Republic who they dominated in the final by 6 goals and it could have been worse. It's not the fact that they wanted how they write. Yeah. Like these tournaments, especially when you look over the past years, the stars of like a U 20 Concacaf tournament don't end up being always I'm very rarely we should say the stars of the national team. There are two week tournaments featuring teenagers, right? Anything can happen. The fact it's three straight, I will give you is at least something. If I were a real fan, right? Now I wanted to get fanatical about it. I would say everything because to your point, have you ever seen a U.S. team dominate Concacaf like that? And I'm not just talking about the numbers hurt. I'm talking about the how. Like the way that they played was very satisfying and the way they dominated the key games, the final, it's three nothing basically by the 40th minute. The semifinal, it's three nothing by the 40th minute. And the quarterfinal, which is, you know, a must win game, it's 5 minutes in when Paxton aaronson scores. They were killer and damn did they look good doing it. Yeah, and they did it against teams like the home team Honduras in front of a pack crowd. I mean, it really is the way they did it, said nothing seemed to phase these kids and they are kids. And congrats to them because this is an amazing accomplishment. Yes, one of the accomplishments, of course, they punch a ticket to the 2024 Olympics, which we know will be held in Paris. Now, men's soccer at the Olympics, you get three over age players. You can add to your roster. So if we gave you some homework here, you got the entire pool of overage, U.S. men's national team players, who you take in with those three spots. Before I start, let me just say I was going through the names and I realized the type of roster that the U.S. youth national team because it's a youth tournament to U 23 tournament for the Olympics will have. I mean, Gaga saloni, Bella, you know, it could be on one side. You could have Reynolds or just scallion on the other side. You were talking about guys that didn't even play in his life. I didn't even play Eunice Musa at Giovanni Reina Ricardo peppy and Matthew Hopkins those guys still have got me thinking like, holy, what? Oh, bed, a bunch of different things. All right, so this is where I went with, okay? First player producer, can I get Chris Richards? Come on down. Chris Richards is gonna be one of your over age players for this Olympic team. Now, you need an experienced center back, but I still want a younger center back. I want a younger son back they can play the way that this team has been showing us they play, building out of the back, very good in transition, defending long passes, vision, all that stuff. So Chris Richards will be the first one. Weston McKinney, I went down as well because Weston McKinney is a winner and I want winners on my team and it's a guy that's a good two way player that's gonna get goals and assist and he's a set pieces. He is a threat. A lot of that midfield has been said, like honestly, that 6 position could be tricky, but Johnny cardozo could be there. You could have somebody else emerge in that time. I think it could be well spent with Weston McKinney there that experience. And then listen, if this is the Olympics, I want Captain America, I want Christian Pulisic. Now, this is all theoretical assuming everybody gets released because we know how these things go. He could be on a team like Chelsea or around Madrid or whatever the case may be, you went through something and say, I'm not going to risk this player in a U 23 tournament. Somehow miraculously all the Brazilian players get released, but other teams do not, okay? If this is the case I want Christian.

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