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The fourth quarter in the right come media kill your ball with pride edward than trevor manage once again you're jumper minority spotter smiling after hearing that war with the city sobbed as we get set for the start of the fourth quarter middle fantasy leaving arkansas state 28 seventeen brad biggest takeaway goes far what a great job the middle tennessee defense as done arkansas state at several points his looked like it had a great opportunity to kind of see his bowmen amid each time middle tennessee just fighting them off nepa them out of the end zone just enough to protect the sleep norman started fourth literally fourth in fourteen for arkansas state from middle tennessee 34 yard lie at so cody grace odd hands or the plugs ann arbor time arkansas state with the fake pride grace now real pass trump week here is a black however what chris worry a throwback with the arkansas state that is one of the gutters of the poor right side at the guys wakayama fake that he's running down to cover the putt so they got hands all over it that's what of the way she could draw a passenger fares pelley out of fake putt like that now the defector has to be a position to see that it's pass while he was we talked about the line scrimmage being into 34 what he did you go it apart and i i think middle tennessee fell for it that they number 7 b yeah so as as speckles defensive passer variance firstdown arkansas state but it it could set up perfectly for a punter who has done such a great job pending teams back all year long and middle tennessee not prepared for that make voted graceless sophomore out of perth australia was the day ray guy award semifinalist the firstever it programme history and that might be the spark the but they declined the penalty because the ball is actually caught they rule to the completion that gave of more yards doubt of thirteen jargon go first it's had eight to strive for hanson or the offense out of a god had sent look you've got a slant route at edwards able to come up with it all the terribly we're going to rule though it incomplete pass as darius harris the outside lybacka with some great pressure on edwards who was low to get off before the red weeks if.

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