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From NPR news in Washington, I'm korva Coleman. President Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen is again delaying testimony before a house panel. He was supposed to appear this Friday now he'll appear behind closed doors on February twenty eighth Cohen is headed to federal prison next month after pleading guilty to several federal charges. Lawmakers want to know more about his work with Trump, including on a real estate deal in Moscow that Cohen lied to congress about President Trump heads to the State Department this afternoon to address members of the coalition to defeat ISIS. His visit comes as he vows to bring US troops home from Syria. NPR's? Michelle Kellerman reports US visuals representatives of seventy four countries and five international organizations are taking part in the meeting to map out the next phases of the fight against ISIS. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo says ISIS remains a menace and the US troop withdrawal is not an end to the fight were entering an era of decentralized jihad. So we must be nimble or in our approach as well. Kurdish fighters who have helped the US in northern Syria are nervous about the US troupe. Pull out and feel threatened by neighboring Turkey. US officials say they are in close negotiations with Turkish counterparts descent up a buffer zone. Michelle Kellerman, NPR news, the State Department in his state of the union address. President Trump said he's going to hold a second summit with North Korean leader, Kim Jong UN later this month in Vietnam. NPR's Joel Snyder reports President Trump said much work remains to be done. But that his relationship with North Korea's Kim Jong on is a good one. The president said he and Kim will meet February twenty seventh and twenty eighth and Vietnam, but exactly where remains unclear while the president tales progress the intelligence community remained sceptical director of national intelligence, Dan Coats to congress last week that North Korea is unlikely to dismantle its nuclear weapons program. NPR's Giles Snyder. The Justice department has filed a. Civil lawsuit against a Philadelphia nonprofit, that's planning eight supervised injection site. It's intended to combat the opioid crisis from member station. WHYY? Bobby Allen reports other cities have discussed similar proposals. This is the first time the federal government has acted for months. Federal officials have threatened to take the planners of Philadelphia's supervised injection site to court, but it has not slowed down officials at the nonprofits safe house, which is raising money and scouting for a site where people can use opioids under medical supervision. Studies have shown that similar programs in Canada and Europe have saved lives, but US attorney Bill mix. Wayne says such a site has no place in America. This is in your face illegal activity, using some of the most deadly dangerous drugs that are on the streets. We have a responsibility to step in safehouse officials say the federal drug laws cited by the Justice department or never intended to stop something like a supervised injection site for NPR news. I'm Bobby Allen in Philadelphia. You're listening to NPR and from KCRW, I'm Cheri Glazer. President Trump has reaffirmed his commitment to build a wall along the southern border. The issue was a big focus of his state of the union address last night and officials here in California have been quick to respond Republican Congressman Tom McClintock of northern California says the president's speech should finally motivate congress to act on immigration. Mcclintock says Trump appropriately described the situation on the border and says he was right to call for thousands more troops to defend the president's action is absolutely essential. If we are going to enforce our immigration laws if we're not going to do that. Then our borders mean nothing, and we sink simply become a vast International Open territory between Canada and Mexico both of which have borders and immigration laws that they actually enforce the California attorney general Sarah democrat says he will sue the tr-. Trump administration. If it tries to declare a national emergency to build the wall. I don't believe that he has a legal basis to declare national emergency. That's bizarre during an interview he gave after delivering the Spanish language response to the state of the union address last night. Certainly I don't think he has a legal basis to rob money should be going to the campfire victims or to the mudslide victims who lost their homes. The Sarah's office has filed almost four dozen lawsuits against the Trump administration. How close you live to freeways or factories dictates your exposure to air pollution, but so do factors like your race and income because in a housing market like LA, they often help determine where you live a report just released by the union of concerned scientists has new numbers on just how interconnected these things are KCRW. Saul Gonzales explains the study found that African Americans in the state are exposed to forty three percent, higher levels of air pollution from cars and trucks than whites for Latinos. It was thirty nine percent higher. Researchers also found a connection between income and that exposure to pollution Californians earning less than twenty five thousand dollars a year are exposed twenty-five percent more pollution than people earning more than two hundred thousand dollars a year. One of the biggest concerns is particular matter from vehicle exhausts twenty times smaller than the width of a human hair, the pollution can lodge stubbornly in a person's lungs and bloodstream. And contribute to chronic heart and breathing problems KCRW Salkin solace and the heroine of the nineteen fifties horror flick creature from the black lagoon has died. Juliana GMs passed away on Sunday in Los Angeles. She was ninety two Adams appeared in dozens of films, but she's probably best remembered for playing Kay, Lawrence and explorer who becomes the obsession of a half man half fish could possibly belong to a place to seaman chances are much greater than that hand belonging. Amphibian Mark one that's been a great deal of time in the water. Well, then how do you account for the structure of the fingers obviously for land use creature from the black lagoon became a horror cult classic eight inspired filmmakers like year motel Toro who created a fantasy. Love story between a water monster human and the two thousand seventeen Oscar winning film, the shape of water Adams, embrace the film's called status, and she attended horror flick conventions until lighten her life. It's eight oh seven here on KCRW. It's morning edition from NPR news. I'm Steve Inskeep. In washington. And I'm David Greene in Culver City, California. Well, last night had all the pomp and circumstance that only a state of the union can provide President Trump delivered his second last night weaving together partisan attacks and some calls for unity. We meet tonight at a moment of unlimited potential. As we begin a new congress. I stand here ready to work with you. To achieve historic breakthroughs for all Americans. Millions of our fellow citizens are watching us now gathered in this chamber hoping that we will govern not as two parties. But as one nation. This was of course, Trump's first address to a divided congress.

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