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Do all three but i am also thinking and i am also worried i'm still kinda new here i'm still young i'm i'm a woman i'm black and i'm pregnant and i'm worried about the stereotype of the angry black woman and yet i'm also worried that i don't speak up enough about black issues i'm thinking all of this and dive right in and i said to him you know they're in the yellow pages you can look up right now and call them they've been around for fifty years and so we took some calls and we ended that conversation turn the mics off and left the studio now just a few weeks ago gentlemen came to our house ra service call to repair the windshield of my car it's right in there in the driveway i met him outside and he said to me you'll have a friend who lives over here and he told me that that news lady lives over here do you know her and i said pausing feeling pride and trepidation and i said well i i am that woman you are i'm carol daniel and there it is again he's looking at me he's sizing me up he sized me up in my driveway and i thought did he think i was white is he surprised now to find that i'm black and i thought the debate apparently the debate is still there in some form or fashion i am not at all sure i can ever really do anything about it.

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