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I think sure fields transition to big 12 is maybe a bit smoother, a bit more productive, a bit more efficient than maybe a schumi when you consider really the bigs that are playing around this league. I think Iowa state will again look to slug you out and win that way. And also burger will thrive off of people doubting his team, me picking him 9th. You've got up 7th, if there's 7th, then they're either in or they're just just in the NIT, we will see K state the big the big thing attached to that other than chrome tank finally getting a hedgehog is that chianti Johnson, the former Florida star who, of course, collapsed on national television in December 2020. He has been cleared. He will play a Kansas state this season. This is a player who, before the heart issue, was projected as an MBA pick and a top 40 pick, if not a first round pick there. So we'll see how much burn he gets, how effective he is. And if his presence on that team, among others, desi sills is a big transfer on that on that team as well from Arkansas state. We'll see how they do, but Kansas state fairly and objectively has to be has to be bringing up the caboose. You got any thoughts on the cyclones before we make our awards picks here? Well, the other not so great thing at Iowa state, you know, losing all the pieces that it lost. Jeremiah Williams has a torn Achilles. He's a transfer and that's obviously not helpful. So a bit of an uphill battle for TJ, but not any more uphill than it looked this time last year. But he had, I believe, the most surprising team in the country. And so bet against him at your own risk. With Kansas state, the county George thing, you know, heading into the season where he collapsed. I think he was preseason SEC player of the year. He was supposed to be great. And obviously that was a scary, scary moment. I'm not going to pretend to be a doctor. I mean, I might pretend to be a doctor. Do you have many times? In fact, I have. I have actually pretended to be a doctor. But on this specific case, I will take my stethoscope. Is that what doctors wear? Yes. Do they steal though? Do they still wear those? Are my boy to the doctor recently? Stethoscope. Gotta have one. On the neck. I should get one. I should get one of them just in case I ever do want to pretend to be a doctor. I'll have the proper tools to I think adding props to the podcast will certainly be a visual element that our bosses would endorse. They got to have stethoscopes on Amazon, right? I could imagine no easier place to procure such an item. I'm going to get a stethoscope later on today. So I'll stop goofing around and just say what I'm trying to say. I'm not going to pretend whether this is smart or dumb or reckless or not. I don't know. But it is interesting to me that in recent years you've had two players in the SEC with heart issues and they're just like, you can't play here. And they both transferred to the big 12. And somebody says, you can play here. Obviously, Jared butler. It was originally at Alabama. Then couldn't play there. It got cleared to play at Baylor, and now kante George couldn't play at Florida. We got cleared to play Kansas state. What I hope obviously is that the kante George moved to the big 12 goes just as awesomely as the Jared butler moved to the big 12 did. All right, preseason projections on coach of the year player of the year freshman of the year and whatever order GPU go first. I'm going to go code to the year Scott drew. Because I've got him projected to win the big 12. And if you win three straight big 12 titles like Baylor, then you're the coach of the year. Stop, stop it. Player of the year, kante George, freshman of the year can't they, George. Look at you. Both. Okay. Certainly could be the Baylor wins up on the league and kyon is going to be what we are saying he will be, then he's going to have a really good case there. Who knows? The flagler cryer also very, very good. And maybe those three wind up splitting up statistics and making room for someone else to win player of the year. I'm going to go Chris beard for coach of the year having Texas finished second and listen, I'm going to come out and say it. Scott true, you endorse a 120 18 tournament. I'm not voting you for coach of the year this year. I'm going to go ahead and say it. Scott drill would never turn my back on you like that. You can expand to 400 teams if you want, then I'm still I'm still going to be on the side of Scott drew. And Baylor is one of the schools so closely and directly associated with this podcast. And we'll continue to be. But I say it in jest, and yet not. So Chris beard gets my preseason coach of the year. Nod. Player of the year? Timmy Allen, give it to me. Timmy Allen will win player of the year, Texas key, big man, do it all forward because Texas will get to second in the league. Timmy Allen will lead the league and scoring and by nature of that, he gets player of the year narrowly over the likes of the guys I mentioned earlier, canto George could be in that group. Kevin mcculler, Texas, Mike miles at TCU. Freshman of the year obviously has to be Quinta George. He sets up as the best one. If you're looking for a non George name, I mean, maybe we Texas has got a couple of good players there again. We talked about them more on the Texas episode. But maybe Grady Vic steps off right onto the campus off the bench and averages 16 points a game as a freshman and is one of the best three point shooters in the conference. And if you're looking for a non George name, again, Grady dick. Love it. Who looks just like you think he looks. Great. He dick does look exactly the

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