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To Mike Rosen at the movies on KOA, NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM can Christian TOTO, and I will talk about the movie Robin Hood, next next Greenberg, by the way, the movie gets his name from the fact that they're traveling with this paperback book called the green book, that's a guide to wear black people can go in the south where they'll be treated better than they would in other places hotels and restaurants. They can go to will the were those are be allowed in it's called the negro motorist green book nets again, amazing to even think about in today's day and age, so we have a member Mike Rosen movie club wants to help us with this, Deb. What do you think of the movie? Well, I I actually really enjoyed it on I expected to I do like Vigo Mortenson very much, and yeah, it was amazing to see him play this role. Always track. For that such a sex symbol Artistique. But I enjoyed the interaction between the two and I decided his character was great. It's amazing to me that he plays a very close shade character, the New Yorker with the accent, and the attitude and the moxie, but I think he captured it I think he voted in a very a I mean an original, but sort of in an authentic way didn't feel like opposed to me. And I would I think I'd pick that up make you're taking his his New York. Knicks was it. Well, he he could have been right out of the sopranos and his character does have mob connections. In addition to that he's teaching. Shirley. Some of the things that you think that a black man would know. But this isn't your typical black man, Don Shirley's character. He introduces them Viggo Mortensen. Does does too chubby checker and Little Richard? Who Don Shirley had never heard of he'd never eaten fried chicken and the introduce them to fried chicken, and Dan, Shirley, actually likes fried chicken. Who does seem to the car with the fried chicken? Yeah. That was my favorite parts. I read a lot of the behind the scenes at the film, and that was a very difficult scene to pull off they were worried about it, by the way, the director of this movie is Peter Farrelly. And if you don't know his name, you've no his movies. There's something about Mary, dumb and dumber. He's done a lot of silly goofy slapstick comedies, and this is his first real serious perform movie, that's wonderful. And Dan, Shirley is a correcting Tony's grammar and his manners. That's a fulltime job when they're eating fried chicken. And of course, now, surely has a napkin and with everything. To clean off his fingers on any doesn't know to do what to do with the bone. Tony shows me throws the bone out the window of the car weather on the highway and follows it up with the the soda Cup to that goes out on. And Dan Shirley's appalled at this makes them go back and pick up the at least the the soda Cup. Yeah. That's very funny. Great movie, get an eighty two percent rating from the professionals at rotten tomatoes and a ninety five percent rating from just the ordinary folks, Deb any false notes here any moments that you didn't didn't connect with you or weren't authentic. Well, I really I guess I really enjoyed the the character interaction and then. Towards some mental kinda showed a more vulnerable side. And yeah, I agree with the ending. I was like, oh, you know, you're pretty sure, you know, what's going to happen. And you're hoping it would and perfect. Yeah. They both bare their souls to to each other. And Dr Shirley says he's he's too black for white people and two white for black people. And I think that's the beauty of the road picture because when you're stuck on the road with someone else you can't help but either kill each other or get to know each other and not see that's the the latter happens here. I'm gonna give it and you'll understand this unit of measure people haven't seen the movie won't understand. You get I'm gonna give it four ghosted love letters, very good. What's your measure on a scale of one to five using a clever unit of measure? There's nothing to do with the movie. Oh, mine probably just real obvious. But I'm giving it five pieces of fried chicken. Very good. I'm going to give it up. Just because I really loved that scene. And you know, like you said he's eating it real delicately. And then. The driver is eating at like, he's an animal matters whatsoever study, and he made you want to go out and buy some fight. He talks with food in his mouth. That's all right. That's what we do in New York. Forget about I wanna give it four and a half. I was gonna say discarded chicken wings, but we've already done that. I'm gonna give it four and a half discarded glasses for a really critical seen early in the movie, which again, the filmmakers obsessed over because they didn't know if that was too much and all we can it's early in the film early in the film Vigo Mortenson character has some black laborers at his house and his wife gives them a drink of water and he spots the glasses at the black laborers used in throws them away. That's the kind of ignorance he has at that moment early in the film, and again filmmakers thought, can we even go there, can we can it be that dark, no pun intended, where his his racism is that engrained, and then have any kind of evolution of the character. And I think it works. But I I understand the trepidation mind. He puts them in the trash containers in the kitchen. She notices his his wife and when he's not looking. She takes them out. Yes. She's gonna use them. Again. She's got more color for sure there are a little strapped for cash. He's not gonna throwaways glasses. And by the way, a very funny stand up comedian plays a major role in the film, but he's part of that family. Sebastian Maniscalco is funny guy, and he plays part of that other Vigo characters family. All right. Well, you reward for giving us a great review. Of course is take us to the Alamo draft house cinema two locations with a third on the way, a new location in Westminster is coming in early two thousand nineteen but for now, you can go to the Littleton location or sloan's lake a wonderful place to watch a movie. No texting no talking at. That's not enough to sell. You can check out the food and drink and all the fun atmospheric things they've got at the Alamo. Thank you. Thank you. Sidebar story personal experience. This would have been in about nineteen sixty three. And during winter break during Christmas break, I was attending college in New York where I did not do. Well, really? Yes. That's the story from the day, a friend of mine got in my car and drove down to Fort Lauderdale for Christmas break. And on the way down we pass through Hialeah Florida where they have a famous racetrack. And we both had gone to acquit our Belmont place like that. And we'd like to a few bucks on the ponies. We go in there and the first grandstand. We come to is only two bucks. And there's another one just a little feed hasn't that's like four or five dollars. So what the hell we pay the two bucks and go in we go in and we are the only white people in the this section of the grandstand. Because it's reserved for coloreds. Yeah. And I mean, you're kind of embarrassed I don't want to walk out as if oh my good heavens. Yeah. And you know, I grew up with people all the time. No problem. So we we stayed there for a few races. And everybody was friendly. A couple of people would you know, what I imagine they figured these are a couple of people driving down from the north for winter break. Didn't know right. We chatted with a couple of them compared notes. And then we the rest of the day we walked over to the other grandstand to see what it was like. Yeah. There you go. But what is surprise? I didn't know. Yeah. But that's the value of movies like green book is that if you're a millennial. We talked about them before you don't have firsthand knowledge of this life of this level of racism of what was going on in America, which sounds shocking in a day and age where Roseanne Barr loses her career for a racist tweet, and you could argue back and forth about that that there is such overt in your face, ugly racism part of the daily experience, and that's from Lyles they don't they don't see. That in their lives. Thank goodness. But it's to see it here is fascinating. It embedded in a very good movie. And we've put most of that behind us. Yeah. We've put ninety percent of it behind us. And for those who just want to obsess in wallow in how bad slavery was and how racist people were in this country for so many years put it in some context, they'll always be some people who are racist in every country in the world and ours is no exception. But it's an awful lot different than it once was measured perhaps by Barack Obama being elected president of the United States. Oh, unless node Tony lip his son co wrote the screenplay for this movie. Yeah. So and and the two main characters this is shared at the end of the movie, they remained friends for the rest of their lives. So I think that's a pretty wonderful. All right. We'll take a break. Here. Do not see the movie, Robin Hood, this public service announcement and when we come back, I will explain to you in vivid gruesome dean. Tale technical just how bad this movie.

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