NFL, First Amendment, President Trump discussed on Johnston & Flynn


Nfl yes if employers decide that that action is detrimental to their franchise and they don't want it all their sideline i have no problem with them saying you're out i have no problem if the if if current nfl teams wanted to start dumping guys who are doing it now that is each owners right to pay the person that he wants to pay and not paying a person that he doesn't want to pay for whatever reason he's got that's not what that has nothing to do with the first amendment first amendment protect you from the government it doesn't protect you from your employer if i walk outside right now and starts screaming racial epithets i can get fired for that yes okay let's i mean there's consequences right there's id wants us to your actions and then and again that's something else that people have difficulty separating again my biggest problem with the whole thing here is that the president is calling for nfl players to get fired world no you're part of the government now you don't get to do that the govern your the government should not be calling for consequences four people using their first amendment rights if the nfl or if you your private employer decides that that's fine but the president can't do that the government can't do that six one seven seven seven nine zero 985 you can text us as well at six nine 985 we go to jake in boston europe with johnston in flint here on 985 the.

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