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So none of these Hume's losing money. There is revenue sharing in the sport. And nobody spending they've Noah spending it, but you know, and I think that part of it is kind of you know, the parties are looking at. This and thinking, okay, you know, is one thing to have to pay Machado four hundred million. But if they're looking at it now and thinking, well, if we can let's say we can get this guy for one seventy five or two hundred do it. Yeah. Like, maybe we can contend now. Right. Maybe we can sneak up on some of these surprise people. And my guess is they're kind of looking at everything they're looking at where the other teams in the division stand there. Looking at the dodgers will okay? What will the dodgers looked like in a few years? Right. And do we think we can beat the dodgers? I mean because if you can then that might be worth that investment the business of baseball this season. Very very interesting. Phil Hernandez endeared himself to a lot of dodger fans. I'm pretty sure you're the man of the people this week with fans after you and Stan Kasten were sparring now real quick before. I let you go. Lebron James Anthony Davis should have. Yes. Give them everything. Give them whatever they want. Now. Anthony Davis came out and said that he's not gonna sign extension with the pelicans. And he wants to be traded, of course, immediately. Every Laker fan is jumping for joy saying we will give them a zoo box for Anthony Davis and. We would you trade the house right now. I think you have to you know, and I don't think you should look at it. This is them trading. The future for the now because Anthony Davis kind of their future to he is a superstar that you can build around as and his LeBron gets older and theoretically declines ineffectiveness, you have your next guy in place ready. I mean from the Laker standpoint, I think it's kind of like, a must get it's almost there quickest way, I think to a championship, you know, and maybe not for this year, necessarily, but in future seasons. You got those two building blocks you just have to put a supporting cast around them, and they'll be competitive right away. Dylan Hernandez columnist for the LA times. He's at the Super Bowl his first one ever as a fan or as a columnist now. Dylan what I need you to do is you need to go to the fan experience. Now, I've been watching all the cheesy morning news shows here in LA every single station has sent their morning crew. They're they're doing the reporters wearing jerseys. I need you to go and talk to those guys or ladies until. Hey, do you even know what's going on with the football world right now? Because you know, how much you hate local morning news. I'm gonna hate local morning news. Really when they're trying to do the same interviews. You will that's annoying. But they're not like you said there at the fan experience if they stay there. Like if you look if they're going to stay there. They don't come into my side. I'm not gonna go into their side. Dylan Hernandez in Atlanta. Stay warm. I friends they warm. I'll try thank you. Thanks. Always good sparring would Dylan Hernandez as much as I go back and forth from very talented calmness here for the LA times. He along with the rest of the staff, you can find their coverage Fifty-three LA time sports website. Also subscribe to the newsletter. Houston Mitchell sends out every morning the Email in your inbox ready to go. That's actually how I've been singing times lately for check my Email from Houston, then go and figure out exactly where I want to go and read that day Dylan has coverage plastic their farmers their everybody from the time the who's who is down at Super Bowl. Fifty three D arrive early legally podcast extra bonus edition. We try to knock went out for you every single day as we build up the hype for Sunday's Rams patriots game in Atlanta. The associate producer today me young Chung in Los Angeles work in the wheels of steel producing editing directing doing it all is the one in. Early.

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