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Tweets already buster bleacher tweets for amundi, PK Steinberg's up first, he writes in. Do you think players miss tall's hill at the Houston ballpark is that the weirdest part of the playing field obstacle you can think of? Yeah, so that's tells him, excuse me. For Cal Smith, it was part of the design. They had a center field. I think it's the weirdest design part of a ballpark. In other words, this wasn't something that was like there in 1900 and is still there later on. Like Wrigley Field, the mounds for years that were in foul territory. This was something they designed to have in the park. I miss it. I enjoyed it. I, you know, had covered Randy Smith who was tal's son and got to know a little bit through the years. And I kind of bombed it, it's not there, but I also understand why they took it out because players thought that it was dangerous. Josh Schmidt's at chivalry undead rates in the Yankees are 49 and 17. They have 96 games remaining if they played 500 baseball for the rest of the year they would finish 97 and 65 is the AL east race over. Yeah, so about three and a half weeks ago, I declared the NL east race over and then the braves won like a million straight games. So I think I used up my one Mulligan on declaring races over off the record. Yeah, I think it probably is over. Good to say out of that business way to go off the record. Andrew Campbell came through. Hey buster, a wild ending to the Yankees blue James Blue Jays game Sunday kind of overshadowed another fantastic offensive performance by glaber Torres. He currently leads the AL leads all AL second baseman home runs, slugging percentage is he quietly inserting himself into the All-Star Game. Yeah, and by the way, he's also among the leaders at that position in baseball for defensive run safe. So all the way around, he's a better player now that he's moved from shortstop to second base. I think he struggled so much the last couple of years. I wonder if it'll take people some time to sort of process the fact that he has gotten better. And I, you know, the Yankees have a lot of other players who probably are gonna be ahead of him in terms of making the all star team. J Sosa at J Sosa O 9 rates and buster wondering if rylan Freeman's little brother from the Sunday Night baseball game in Houston tried to negotiate as well for your paper notes such a cool Father's Day story. Yeah, so Jay must have been in the stands when that happens. So I left doing that interview, Taylor, and I got up the stairs from the Crawford boxes and all of a sudden I heard somebody yelling for me. Oh no. And I had left my notepad there and here came Weston right behind, hey, you know, who's his little brother? I'm guessing there's about 11 years old. And so he brought this to me. No, there were no negotiations. He was gracious to return my notepad. Very nice. Andrew desalvo at de Salvation rates and what is going on with Juan Soto this season nearly 250 at bats is no longer a small sample. This is just poor performance now. I got to wonder and I'm not around the team on a daily basis if this might be a case of a player on a great player on a bad team, maybe getting a little bored and maybe not getting the same sort of pitches. I've seen it happen before. I say that as an observation, not as a judgment on them. I think it's not uncommon to see great players frustrated when they're in a losing situation. He did get an upper decker dinger yesterday, so that was exciting for nationals fans. Steve Bannon at S banton 16 writes in, hey buster, I heard umpires get a two inch perimeter of the home plate where if they're wrong, it won't count against their evaluation is that true. They did away with the neighborhood play at second, but it's okay for the umpire to be close rather than right. I didn't hear that it was specifically a two inch perimeter, but I do hear there's a buffer zone and I asked someone what's the average score for a major league umpire grade for a game that you work behind no plate, the average grade Taylor, and you and I really wish.

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