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Me to do trading cards? I was like, really? He's like, yeah. That was it. Okay, cool. I'll put my notice now I'm out. I got in, I started learning a lot. I did operations for three or four years. This is like 2009, 2010. And then my wife and I had our daughter. I wanted a little bit of change of pace, kind of do something on my own. So I actually got into real estate here in Oregon where I'm born and raised. And did real estate for about four years. And then the company, PWC, that I'm at now, and a minority owner of. They moved up from the Bay Area in 2016, and I knew Brent Higgins very well, because we used to sell some cards through him. And so I knew him from that relationship. And I reached out to Brent to wish him a happy birthday, one Cinco de Mayo, which is his birthday. And he's like, hey, I was just thinking about you. I've got an opportunity for you. We should grab a beer. And so one thing led to another, and he made me an offer. I guess I couldn't turn down. I left real estate in 2008, 2018 to get back into trading cards with PWC. That's an awesome story. Let me ask you, do you remember your first car you ever purchased? Yes, I do. Yaz rikki, 1960 tops, Carl juggy rookie. What's that? Remember what you paid for it back then? I traded. This is when I was 8 years old. I traded my neighbor who is the reason I'm a Red Sox fan. I moved from Oregon city, Oregon to 12th and Oregon. When I was 7, and my neighbor across the street was from Oregon, or I'm sorry, it was from Boston, his mom divorced his father. And moved as far away as she possibly could from Boston to Oregon. And so he was a huge Red Sox fan. And he had multiple yaz rookies at the time. And so I traded him some candy four years with me. You've made that well. This is how it's transitioned over time. Made out well in the card space. I think it was important to give a little background about myself, you, obviously, the preceding shows are going to be a little bit more specific about cards and players. It's going to be information. It's going to be actionable. It's going to be entertaining. We have four great segments to talk about some of the most iconic players in the most prestigious assets this space has,

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