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Know yeah. I don't know about that one i i really really don't know we'll see what happens. We'll see what happens with that one. But i'm i'm not confident about that one for for either guys. I'm not confident for him going forward. We'll see we'll see the honestly should have stayed together. They honestly should stay together mansour. Mustafa ali there now on smackdown decent tag team. I i don't mind that okay. Tony storm tony storm staying on smackdown. That's girl i was really hoping for would actually get the opportunity on raw since the three hours show. They need more got more time to kill. I was really hoping that tony storm would go there because not for nothing but we haven't really seen diddly squat from tony storm since we got the graphics and all of that that she's coming to smackdown and he you know it's kind of one of those damn how many matches has done so far since she's been part of the blue brand and it's only been a handful sadly so hopefully now that we're hearing that tony storm is officially part of the blue brand. I mean she's always been part of the blue brand by you. Just hope that going forward you know. Here's the thing that's really funny too when you really kind of take a step back and think about it. I'm happy that naomi is in the middle of thing. That's going on with sony deville but you just can't help but wonder if it's maybe the wrong girl. Dad's getting that. If maybe it should actually be tony storm and sonia devito because of anybody truly truly truly could have benefited from that angle. The most tony storm definitely because look not for nothing One of the last time that we saw tony storm. You know it was kinda recent you gotta go back september seventeenth one of the last times that we saw her before that she did something in july and i. It was just sporadic appearances in july. And really you know. May she was still an x t. I wasn't until july where things had really with that dark match that she had Taken on Tam i think it was teague inox. There's like an overall dark match. I remember back in july. So she's been sporadic. That's my point. She's been sporadic since she's been part of the blue brand so now that they're putting this out there You know look given how they kind of switched a couple of things around. And all that. I do feel legit that tony storm will now get the opportunity. That's coming to her. I really really would be shocked if she did not. I really really would especially right now. You still got bailey out and everything not bailey. She did not get announced as 'cause she's still on. I r nodar thing tonight for you. Elias fans and i'm glad that wwe played it like this..

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