FBI, New York Times, Siler discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


The New York Times reporter wrote a front page story that ended up on the front page of the New York Times. And in the story where a lot of myths that really didn't happen and basically elevated me up on to the FBI's most wanted list, and what had happened is I hacked into this guy's computer that was this researcher in San Diego, a guy's name so to mushroom Amora and we hacked into his computer me and one other guy because we're interested in the. Siler phone hacking. He was doing at the time. And anyway. He had some software on his computer. That was monitoring all the network. Packets or the transmissions of data going back and forth. So he quickly figured out. What was going on? And then he went on a mission because I was at the top of the list the top of the list of suspects to help the FBI. Find me. Assistance. Yes. I I. Off the wrong guy. So he assisted the the government and the government can find me, and he assisted them and actually tracking the through the cellular phone network. Because what I would do is when it access computer systems argue cellphones. Even though I was dialing into a computer system or to an ISP was called NetCom at the time, and they have local numbers all through the United States. But what I would do is. I'd you cellular communications to dial in to make it harder for anybody to track me back and at the same time, I would hack into the..

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