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Administration and the ad council democrats reacting negatively to president trump's decision authorizing the pentagon to ban most transgender individuals from serving in the military dnc didn't like it they also had a statement let me read part of that it says instead of fulfilling his oath to protect the american people donald trump and mike pence are putting our nation security at risk and shoving real american patriots back in the closet scriminate has not a national security strategy there are currently about five thousand or so service members that identify as transgender and i want to give you that number five thousand when you compare it to the more than two million us servicemembers both active duty reserve you can see it's a fairly small number of americans no less important my jew but obviously caught in the cross fire of political policy in washington fox's kevin corke human rights campaign condemning the white house policy a twenty two year old maryland woman expected in court tomorrow accused of killing your eighty year old great grandmother shannon lozano charged with first degree murder in connection with the deaths of dora's shelton who was found unresponsive friday afternoon by her husband box office superhero finally meets his match and uprising takes down black panther against well someone one from our wealth acidic rim uprising grossing an estimated twenty eight million dollars in its debut weekend black panther slides the second place with sixteen point seven million but also making history as the highest grossing superhero flick in north america christian drama i can only imagine stays in third place while an animated detective is back on the case i'm sure swollen protector you mean except for the one you literally just broke sherlock gnomes and the tomb raider reboot round out the top five steve rappoport fox news final four spots now phil for march madness east region top seed villanova beats texas eight seventy one to fifty nine in boston kansas wins the mid west region eighty five eighty one over duke ball stevens fox news.

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