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They got a squad way apart. Turn unreal. I four four banou. What did you say your our. I'm going to do the fell derby. What did you tell me. Hey wanted me during this morning. Are you drinking avocado again. The doors yeah. You got up before knocking on a door. Are you drunk nickerson. We'll just talked to direct. Yeah okay so he's already drinking. Craig matt i oh you gotta give. I'm talking to you. I i haven't i can't are areas very close friends can't curse on the radio dickerson. But i miss trying to navigate through your broken english kentucky kentucky fried land. I am telling you. I'll come donor i am. I almost went blind i am. You're blind not black. I know i know blind. I didn't say black curse. But i'll tell you i want you canoeing if you're blind. I do on the front. I know you want you canoeing. If you're blind because you're gonna hurt yourself or somebody else. No i'd say costa the banks. How are you gonna know sale down here. Okay nickerson we. We gotta go. You're cramping the style of craig. Mack go ahead allegations over a trip that could be your side kick man no nickerson doing the show instead of a alliot. How what do you think. Oh you want to do the show valley. You wanna be my co-host what else do you want to do. The good sleep all that what do you think. If you're on a date with alli how would you make the moves on her ally in may exactly. that's right. i forgot she was buried today. All right well okay tamar. You'd be divorced next week when you return. Return of the mack craig. It was great meeting. You man and i will work my hardest to get some ladies up here for you at some point. Okay and we'll get you back in the studio for that. okay. I know you want fireworks. T-shirts will hook you up. Okay all right man you. Where's that thing the flea market. You're going to be Richard okay go ahead and plug it. What is it. I want people come out to ritual flea market and buy some stuff. We need to make gas money in the for the house. What is it sunday sunday. Okay and what time nine to fix okay. So gas money and stuff for the house. You need some home. Glad there and look for craig. Mack right yeah. Thank you lowest form of celebrity you. Chris sizes your bus. Deputy on to seven..

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