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I know Logan since ten years old. So it just another friend to me. But I mean Kyle Snyder was on the team Miles Martin in Thomas L. Oh, wow, the Jordan brothers. So we have some stack teams. Now, we have to talk about Jake Paul and Logan Paul. They wrestle for Ohio Logan choice in the state. So how you ever slogan? I was actually me and Mike was just talking about this. So he was my senior year. I was 52 Logan was sixty so often my teammate wrestle Logan in the district funds Dominic Avenue. I don't know if you heard of them. But yeah the rest of that Michigan All-American at Michigan, I think he packed Logan. Yeah and the district finals, but Logan was pretty good though. I think he took fifth S8. Yeah, got it. Yes, if you could tell them to do to like this is pretty good athletes these kids. Yeah, so you are also Logan Paul's also great in the movie valley girl the girl a valley girl. Yes. He was I never seen a check it out. He's just being a loser man card watching that but I liked it. So here we are your are you are you single? Yeah, I'm big single little subliminal like big single that he's a good he's got I think you're feel like you've signed over his head that says single. I think you're one of my way from The OSI, honestly, I think if you win big you're going to get the call. I agree or maybe Contender series. Oh God one of those but I'm focused on tomorrow first and all right. I'll fa tomorrow night on UFC Fight Pass My Man Mark. Martin is fighting weight is Mark fight at home. You can grow 7170. He's ready to kick some ass. Don't get distracted Mark. Okay, very angry right now. You probably cut away, right? No, I already made way. We waited in this morning. So what's your what's your pre-fight ritual? Do you have anything that you do like your bank three white girls thought they gotta be girls. All right on the phone with them. I know no real rituals like to listen to music. That's probably about it off. I don't know I think whatever podcast right now. All right, so people follow apologize Instagram. I hate Twitter Twitter. Suckers off on me on Instagram telephone records. I'm not homophobic. I just enjoyed Ur contact to me either men or women are not dead. Yeah, good point gender-neutral as an insult Tom lawlor. What are you doing right now? What is Tom over here man? Why is there a weird noise is coming from your fucking what's going on like somebody else in here and Corey Hendricks in here? He'll Clarissa want to look at him at home to see my room. Is that what you want? Yeah. See this. There's a price you guys have roommates in the pfl know. He's got his own room. But I mean, he's the only person I'm allowed to talk to so, I'm sorry. The pfl to write it's according to people know he's just fighting boredom here along with me and I'm like and like Russia and shit fucking badass fighter. What's up? Y'all got Lance or above? I got Baba. They don't have Lance. Who do you have more faith? I never seen bubble fight. I'm going to go Atlanta. I think Lance might guess I'm up late. I mean all this beating him four times the wrestling though wrestling. It's a little different job..

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