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On May first two thousand eight forty eight year old anthony so well felt the urge to kill again. It had only been a couple of weeks since he'd murdered his victim. Leshan Long at his home in Cleveland but the dark impulse was stronger than ever before to calm himself. Anthony walked down to the basement to bask in his latest gruesome handiwork. No one would ever find most of the Shawna's potty Anthony hadn't buried it in his backyard with his first victim but he did keep. Leshan does decapitated head in a bucket which he stashed in the basement that day. Anthony noticed that the bucket had teeth marks around its edges. No doubt from rat scavenging for scraps. He hurried to move the Ben to a high shelf not wanting the rodent to ruin his trophy afterward. He went outside for some fresh air. He was unemployed and spent a majority of his time either locked in his attic room or out in the streets searching for scrap metal to resell bat night. He ran into someone else who was having a hard time getting their life together. Thirty year. Old To shauna culver was in the midst of one of the worst nights of her life before she met Anthony. She quit her job and had gone to see her children at her mother's house but her mother had refused to let her daughter in to. Sean struggled with an addiction to crack through mother. Didn't want to Sean his children to see her until she'd gotten clean once and for all after being turned away to sean return to the streets more lost and lonely than ever. That's when she ran into Anthony who made easy conversation with her. He knew what it was like to struggle with addiction. And exactly what to say to tap into to Shanas vulnerability within minutes. Anthony tempted to Shauna to come smoke crack with him at his house. We don't know exactly what happened. Axed as Anthony never went into detail about of his murders but we know from forensic evidence that he strangled her with his hands. As was the case for many of Anthony's victims to Shana covers disappearance was largely ignored by authorities because mostly targeted people suffering from drug addiction. Police were slow to investigate believing that the missing addicts were likely on some kind of bender and would turn up sooner or later. The same dismissive mindset allows many serial killers to operate undetected for years..

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