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Things that Moscow coming up in a moment. But first we gotta award around to your Boehner's and round two of the Boehner voting is brought to you in part by a really gooey hamburger is that a good thing. Yeah. I think so. Yeah. And the stretch the truth Trump doll everyone needs. This Trump version of stretch Armstrong and their holiday stocking. This season portion of the proceeds go to benefit the homeless veterans fellowship. Stretched the truth dot com slash x nine six so Boehner candidate number one, you know, the NRA he's hug off bomber candidate number two. Boater candidate number two. It seems that the American preparatory academy might have been operating beyond the law seems to me anyway. Using our five hundred thousand bucks. Really? Yeah. In the long run there. And just know oversight apparently using our tax dollars in a in. We'll just do what we want here. With this this private land and Boehner candidate number three. If you needed proof that antibac-, sir stupid. Well, it sure seems to be these tweets sure seemed to bear that out. Don't they? Richard Stevenson won the stretch the truth, Tump, Trump go and the winner very overwhelmingly Boehner candidate number two. It seems the American preparatory academy was operating beyond the law. All right. That's the winner of ran to hit. Now has a chance to become Boehner of the day. It'll have to eat the winner of round one. We'll throw them both into Boehner fight at nine twenty. And that's when you'll decide Boehner of the day..

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