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That's my. That's my suggestion. No no it's. It's a good suggestion any any listeners. Out there one onto take that on as a research project to find out. Yeah because Because I don't know for sure whether or not the promise was made but I mean you know if if the answer was no the answer that not only I won't put all the onus on trump but but you have I have to look at the whole picture meaning Congress right so if they said no why right see that that's never followed up by the media the F. all the why give me a justification because they don't like to give a justification because it can be picked apart of which left to do. Yeah all right our last article here. comes from native news online dot net another other great resource for you guys which is also on our media resources page on our website. title reads How how one tribe handled impeachment of chief Joe Bunch Remains on sorry. I'm reading this wrong. I think brother says how one tribe handled impeachment of chief job bunch remains chief will receive reprimand punctuation and they're all spot. aww Okay Brittany Bennett is the author of this Who writes out of a telephone Oklahoma or dot com again? It'd been Alachua has been a central theme this this episode for some reason this this is From the the key to abandon the Chair keyword thank you. Thank you both for the key. To a band of haircare Indians tribal. All Council voted to approve to impeach chief. Joe Bunch on five counts but not remove him from office during a hearing held Tuesday January seventh under the definition of.

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