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A fire on saint nicholas avenue in harlem the medical examiner issued an initial determination today that the fifteen year veteran died of smoke inhalation funeral for the thirtyseven yearold father of four will be tomorrow at saint patrick's cathedral the nypd confirms to residents forced from their apartments in the building have reported cash jewelry and clothing stolen since the fire this is despite police being on duty securing the building and clearing only certain people for access the cause of the fire is still under investigation although investigators have been looking at a recently repaired boiler in the basement where it started parts of the building were being used as a movie set wins news time five thirty five russia's on void to the united nations calls the trump administration administration's decision to expel diplomats posted to the russian un mission of very unfortunate very unfriendly move but that's just part of the story the us eu nations canada and ukraine have expelled more than one hundred russian diplomats today to protest russia's alleged use of a nerve agent on a former russian spy and his daughter living in the uk jon huntsman is the us ambassador to russia he says altogether sixty russian spies are being told to leave the us today's actions make the united states a safer place by limiting the ability of russia to spy on americans and conduct covert activities that threaten america's national security white house press secretary sarah sanders says the us stands ready to cooperate to build a better relationship with russia but says this can only happen with a change in the russian government's behavior wins news time five thirty six the federal trade commission today confirmed it's investigating facebook's privacy practices after the company allegedly allowed it's user data to be misused for political purposes and that's not the only investigation going on here's correspondent alex stone a new letter sent to facebook ceo mark zuckerberg over three dozen attorneys general from across the country demand answers regarding what facebook knew and didn't know about what cambridge analytica was allegedly doing with user data california attorney general heavier but sarah specifically is demanding that facebook handover information about safeguards it's had in place to.

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