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The wandering some community you opportunity to build connections the wolves up before you decided what color slack key moments so whether or not you stay just doing justice. Antonin the in the whether or not you remain to level where you want only doing things in your community your community but with the you feel able to take a step upwards of he will Take on candid. The safe for barak counts of cagliari. Who has an mp Again good grounding being in the town of parish council. Let's say wallace if uncertainties is the. Although i think much also made it really important each was even. If you don't have potty politics you will still how politics because people do organize themselves around and communities of interest so might be the virtual committee as opposed to the liberal conservative party near you. and what about. The tenor of debate had small insults. Online homicides i the two things that come jennifer in terms of the tenure. I think tenure debate genuinely is is much less Heated although a do think interesting when we have these standards for for england. That was pretty twenty eleven. They actually had a ruling with the rules. If you call a fellow counselor a stupid old incidental word like than that was deemed if you call member the public estimate or whatever then that was deemed in breach of the code of conduct if you cold the same to a member and i'm of the counselor at wasn't deemed to be a gucci code of conduct because there was an expectation of rough and tumble in an political debate. Which i thought was very interesting. Because i was starting from. The premise of there is a different language. That you're allowed to use when you're talking to fellow councillors on the is less polite than you talk to a stranger. I don't think we're off to a good start. What's your experience in terms of how people conduct themselves in and outside the council chamber context. Follow people so i might. Expensive lock is shut. Sheffield city council. Which is the third largest local authority and in the country. So it's really nice old grunt and council chamber allege is a lot of jeering like what you see in pm cues is what happens in its honestly embarrassing. I especially when you get the always comes when members of the public into the gallery in the kind of the petitional some phenomena candidacies you can journeys mob mentality and kinda comes from like. I guess you can sure it's different in every council. But i guess in the case of like jeff one political party would basically dominates the kind of and have the most. It was kind of this kind of group mentality..

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