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You know, to go back to Jon Morgan. It's that ability to score from the perimeter as a six eight guy, you know he's you're not a low post player in that league. You got to you have to have some perimeter skills, which I think he can do over the course of time in because he's, he's strong athletic has some skills. I think will defend you again. He's got to be able to defend perimeter people got to be able to score from the perimeter. So why not take a chance on a guy like that in the second round? Yeah. I don't think he can go wrong. I think the Pacers I believe they have to sick around big and so, yeah, you any second round pick your of taking. Yeah. We know the stories are among green and other guys who came out of the second hand it had really good careers. But they're still accepts by far and you know every year I see a second round pick. And in think he's, he's good. You know, he hasn't changed in most of them. Don't they might last awhile, but they are pretty soon replaced by another second. Round pick who's younger and it's going to get the next look. So, you know, we've seen a lot of guys come through here who maybe played well for a while kind of petered out, you know, Fred Hoiberg very promising for a while. And he wound up having a long career, but, you know he got to where he really struggled here. So gotta be patient with those guys in a lot of cases and you can't predict how somebody's going to develop know somebody that's not been a particularly good shooter in college. He may or may not become a good shooter in the NBA. He put into time, you know, so certain things are people to predict well, they are. And certainly that's not what we do for Lynn. I know we, we, we, well, we think we know something about basketball, we, we are not there on the front line day in and day out and recognize what it is that these NBA experts are looking for and need to see in terms of measurable 's and other things having not been through the process, I wouldn't begin to hazard a guess what to do anymore. Hang on through this school data. Can you do that? Absolutely Mark Montesa out come back talk. More about the Pacers about the NBA draft is coming up on the twentieth. This is network. Indiana's indiana. Sports talk. This is Marion county prosecutor, Terry curry can lack of attention for a few seconds in alterable, change your life. In may of twenty fourteen Jordan Stafford was speeding in an attentive when he plowed into a construction zone and took the lives of Kenneth dourson, and Cody demoss the families of Kenneth, and Cody are forever devastated by the loss of the family members Jordan Stafford now, sits in an Indiana prison is serving a prison sentence as a result of his prosecution by our office. Make no mistake, if you were exhaust speeds and Dr distracted through Indiana's work zone. You will be held accountable here negligence harm alive of those working on our highways. It is not a cliche ten seconds can change a person's life. You have no.

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