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Hi this is rosella and you're listening to the comedy show rosella who is still. The queen of rave has released her latest single. I feel it slipping away on the thirtieth of november. Hello rosella and thank you for joining me today on the colleen de show pleasure. Thank you so much for having me thank you. The new song is a demo from lamont dozier the famous holland dozier holland writing team from detroit. Who produced songs for the most iconic motown artists of all time. How did this collaboration. Happen phil harding. It's a good friend of garissa runs the energized able. I'm on and he said. Gary the track that was recorded as a demo in the sixties the seventies when lemon dozier rotate. That's when they were at the height of the righted folders molten artists the cetera. Anyhow he said to gary and gary. But oh i think the sounds like it could be very much up presented street so garrison to to me and i absolutely loved.

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