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It's coming on. Joining us is the host of the big fellas basketball podcast. Mr john hart defeat. Lease john a my care. What's going on. So i'm going to be here. What's up down april. Thank you for coming on and joining us. We completely appreciate it for taking the time out So so johnnie. Let's talk come. let's how we start off. You know most shows had did it all start for you. You know like your your love for basketball was basketball. Your i love you. Did you have another sport that you that you grew up watching or playing or was it really Basketball pretty much first and foremost of course so i was really young much younger. My parents really weren't big on sports. Everyone always makes fun. I'm six four. My dad's five foot nine ran disagreed. It's agreed genetic anomaly. But so i i never really play that much as a kid when i got to eleven or twelve. I'm middle school high school and all the and everyone stopped with saying you play basketball. You should consider playing so i tried. I wasn't really good after about three years. I i go to xavier. I play plan the basketball team at any americans. Listening to a lot about and i was i played. I play i. I wasn't going. So yeah i was playing with that level. Gets a high school. Think i'm good. Get cuffed freshman. Sophomore and freshman. Jv and varsity basketball team that savior and making a senior. I mean i really. I would say when he came together was popularized sophomore year. When i got from. Jv i realize okay like that. Making farsi at this point is never been done before. It's almost compulsive impossible. If i will do this. I gotta go on so i kinda went onto basketball whether it was obviously opposite playing training but also obviously watching the game i got became started going to games. I never really gone before. Some finally going against experiencing mike. My dad would take me Sixteen i went to my first game which was a knicks rockets. Game had a lot of fun going there. And i mean at that point that i'm making my senior had some confidence i start really taking it seriously. I mean right before that. And for mehran i mean after after high school. I really started looking at it as a possible. Career started looking at an all different ways in ends quantities. A big part because it helped me start. Like a podcast. I'm like i'm going to touch on the sports business club and then going into How mike and mike and In the michigan sports business conference just hours ago. Amish just every sin wagon train network meet new people and kinda just i mean i. It's funny how it started with me. Begrudgingly jumping into basketball at age. Eleven or twelve but now it's it's everything i think about is everything i do. Yeah you know a big shout out to the michigan. Sports business conferences altogether. It's been great. The panels have been great. You know obviously Helping out you know college students in and putting them on the right path to success. And.

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