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We urge you to love others as you love yourself and share the show on social media and if you WanNa fall long ago the main biblical scripture. The Soil Cover is second kings chapter twenty. Two and twenty three are Jamie let's talk about King Sciatica the Old Testament name that birth thousand youth group teenage boy names I fifty eight juice is really everywhere. We went to a mission trip there. What the you passer. Someone's named Joe Fat. That feels that feels like a good. If you're going to go in the Bible in me like who are we going to name a kid after I was always we'll see I was interested in the people who name their kids like a and I'm like I don't think you read that correctly. You know we talked about earlier. This season people who name their kid. Jona might if it's for biblical reasons from veep. Yeah that's true also about hang. You don't want to do that. It's like you through basically donate your kid Jona. That's what we're saying guys. I don't know tell you. Yeah but you know you knew so. This is So we've got another Very interesting very interesting character Not a huge cast. But we'll go through those The people involved very quickly before it gets the context. Well speaking of idea. That is our person that kind of the star of the show He's eight years old when we meet in. He's the sixteenth. King of Judah Spoiler. His Dad's dead for being a jerk or maybe just for being king. It's we'll see And Joe Cya. The Name Means Jehovah has healed which fits for the story. Yeah I guess it does. It does it. Does it works so well. So for this Character I wanted to. Because Amb and we'll talk more about context of mix as we go a little bit but I wanted to ask someone who was trying to kind of escape their father's shadow a little bit and I want someone who conveyed innocence incompetence right so I need someone who has a famous father. Someone like yourself so you know I. I started and I was circling Jason Ritter. I was like a really Jason Ritter but I think I've landed on John David Washington son of Denzel Washington. Oh that's really good. Well when we can see pictures of him like when he was a little kid you it's just ideas onto rain for many many years right. He is an adult through some of the story. That were GONNA be talking about today but I like that. We can picture him as little but then also know that. You're you're fighting a legacy when you take charge. That's true for him to. Yeah so we have other in the story that are even going to be named. But there's a lot of like really like Mall Not Small. That's unfair You're in charge of the wardrobe. That's an important but like we have other characters that are in the story But it's mostly the servant people sure serve via. There's not really a lot of key. Characters in the sledding let a niche performances right. That's exactly right so I've Understand that I've cast them as the Supporting characters from beauty and the beast the candle man Dish Lady. The Candle Man..

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