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The sentencing of this woman and a morgan lloyd because similarly she gave a statement where you know she told the judge he was ashamed of what happened on january six you called savage display of violence but then she went on fox news thereafter not long after the next day and basically said. I don't think it was an interaction and you know. I didn't see the violence that wasn't nobody was breaking anything and it was common that people were actually walking out of the capitol building that worked. There walked right past us and they had no fear on their face at all. When they call it an insurrection. What are you said. I can only talk about the area. I was in and i don't believe it so it was this kind of two step of saying you know. I'm horrified by this. But then at the same time. Not really i mean whether paula hodgkins will decide to do a mediatory. Later is anyone's guess. I will say a big difference between those two cases. Is that paul hodgkin's it's getting ready to surrender to the federal bureau of prisons. In a short time and morgan. Lloyd was sentenced to probation. Anamour loyd got probation. She is not going to jail So that really was the end of her case. But paul hodgkin's lawyer was arguing that you know. Look back at what happened with anna morgan lloyd. My client deserves a similarly light sentence. He argued that the judge made very clear that he was interested in that argument. Judge said big differences. That paul hodgkin's was charged with felony. An animal organ loyd was not. I wanna introduce the judge in this case. His name is randolph moss. He was appointed in twenty fourteen. Is that right. Yeah so i think to note about the judge in this case stench mice and he was an obama appointee de but does not have a reputation as a liberal firebrand. If like when. I read your coverage of the sentencing judge. Moss was really trying to strike this balance because he made this point multiple times that he had to be careful in his sentencing to make sure it reflected the facts of this case and not. The wider context was that notable to too was. I think that judgment was aware that he was going to get a lot of coverage of this hearing as being the first felony sentencing. And you know it was. The task of saying paul hodgkin's can only be sentenced for the crime. He pleaded guilty.

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