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That was the first f spell that i don't think the one that was white but all they're actually there's other ones. There are castles in japan. So now backing off i appreciate that. But the paralympic thing back. The beckham myers here. the us opec. So is that the united states olympic performance committee must be plan paralympic with epi and there you as united states olympic and paralympic committee right. Us opec obviously paralympic was in. There has repeatedly denied my reasonable andy central accommodation because of my disability. Leaving me no choice. Full statement below. I've had to make the gut wrenching decision to withdraw from the tokyo. Twenty twenty paralympics. I'm angry disappointed. But most of all sad to not be representing my country. The us opec has the night a reasonable an essential accommodation for me as a deaf blind athlete to be able to compete in tokyo. Telling me repeatedly that. I do not need a personal care assistant who i trust because there will be a single personal care assistant on staff. That is available to assist me and thirty-three other paralympic swimmers nine of whom are also visually impaired. The us opec has approved me having a trusted my mom at all in an international meet since two thousand seventeen. But this time it's different with cova. There are new safety measures limits of non-essential staff in place rightfully so but trusted as essential for me to compete. I mean doesn't seem just pretty natural. Pretty reasonable. I do it the way she led that off. We're like okay. She's kind of leading here saying this is pretty reasonable and essential and then she's like let me explain to you exactly why i'm feeling that way to not get a pca. She knows what are we. Why is this. This is what i'm talking about though when it comes to everything we're hearing about these olympics are like. Why are the olympics doing that. Why is this happening. And this is another one that can we not get becca. Myers god damn. Pca let her mom along cova. It's a very easy scapegoat the fall because go. We can't do that but for someone who is blind and deaf. I'm assuming you want someone. You're comfortable around that you like trust so he just have some random person leading you around in tokyo. I and this is gonna sound Very ignorant and i apologize for that. Is there a lot of blind and deaf. People out there. I don't know she said there's nine visually impaired people just in that just in the swimming. Visually impaired i but is blind and deaf that is that is that not what i would guess. It's not that common but if it means anything point. Two percent of the world's population that's what popped up right away deaf blind which was two percent. That's a lot. That's how this goes back to the how you can't see or hear anything how you that's unbelievable. How keller's one of the craziest of all time well. That's what i'm this point supersonic wall. Bud so what would make the is. This is a helen. Keller situation is that what was different with helen. Keller anything blind and deaf. Right wasn't swimming in the olympics. So how come we're not. That's what i'm saying like. This is fucking unbelievable. And now a blind in-depth person cannot compete in the paralympic celebration basically of just accomplishing things that nobody ever thought anybody could accomplish in the world celebration of that blind. Deaf beckham myers won't compete. Because they won't let her mom be around her. What are we doing. take your walk. What are we doing. That's an unbelievable story. And you'll have one person for thirty three people it's like that's not gonna work in itself. Let alone not happen. The mom go point. Two percent of the world's population is a. That's a lot of. I didn't know that was happening. The the willpower think about that the willpower to content. Like how do you. How do you learn. I don't understand. I think has been so fascinating for a lot of people because they go. I don't know how that in becca myers. Here's swimming in the olympics paralympics blue. Let's go back a myers. Let's go dude ladder. Swin do bullshit letter mom there man. It's going on this or shit because it happened with the The lady who's running for candidates to who has a kid and she's not going anymore because they won't let her go and she got uh breastfeed or kit so she had to drop out to okay so like all right this is going to sound bad potentially but the olympics could say for the. Is it the olympics. Repair olympic exchange olympics. Could say you knew this was potentially going to happen. The planning schedule of like they could be assholes in say that you're saying that that could happen but why doesn't have till like. Hey just let her take like bit. I guess it's because they don't have enough cardboard box beds over there pretty much and i think they are with the covert over there. I think they're trying to limit as many people as possible. Their way way they're back whenever At the they're at a stage that we hopefully have fast like months and months and months ago I think so. I believe so. You know they say that happens with fashion. Everything starts over there and then comes over this way like after a couple of years. Is that same type of thing. Happening with calvin. Has it not hit japan as much in the past. Was japan still going while we were all shut down or is this another shutdown over there. I think it's a new one. Isn't it because of the the variant. Or whatever i mean. I don't know if they were completely back to normal but i i mean. They're going back into lockdown pretty much. Tokyo is in lockdown. She i mean so the so. The olympic athletes have to be in a bubble but they said the boo boo bubble was loose. So that probably means the local government authority. That has everybody on. Lockdown is not exactly thrilled about that. Thanks so yeah. This is going to be a potential. I mean there's a chance. Oh yeah today. No not today. I think it'll be like middle. Yeah it'd be two teams compete against each other and everyone on both teams gets covered and then they're like oh shit we have to. We have to pull the plug on this right now. I don't know if it will happen. But that's what everybody's saying about it. Yeah lots cancellation is. It feels more likely that's going to happen then in two weeks old clothes and once the rock walks out of that god damn hand shirt. That's true okay now you can. Dvr that by the way. 'cause i mean we're competing against the olympic opening survey. Marta smack.

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