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Let's get the news is now we read the paper scour the internet have to let's just make sure that we don't get a little older sometimes you get stuck in your ways but we wanna make sure when people are so a water or lemonade or cupcakes cookies especially when they're eight years of age that we don't call the permit something's going on in san francisco oakland area because not a month or so ago there was a african american guy barbecuing and oakland on lake mary i used to live on lake mary a white woman came over and called the cops because he was barbecuing without propane or something like it was a weird regulation that nobody even knew existed was barbecuing without propane sorry series charcoal in the gas grill area triangle in the gas and he took it as barbecuing my black in the so then took video of her calling the police on him that became a mean that went everywhere then he invited people to come and barbecue and hundreds and hundreds of people up lake merritt to barbecue they did they did a whole barbecuing while black advantage with music and deejays and barbecue it was a lot of look like a barbecue i don't want it across the bridge over in the san francisco and it was really hot out near giant stadium where the san francisco giants were playing and so base her a woman and her eightyearold daughter said hey she wanted the daughter wants to go to to disneyworld and so the mom was like okay let's see we can make some money and you can earn your way to disneyland or disney land which i actually applaud.

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