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Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Muller discussed on Stephanie Miller


Manafort. We were talking about national security intelligence journalist. Marcy wheeler. This was her take on this whole Manafort thing just about the only explanation for manafort's actions are that as I suggested Trump was happy to have Manafort serve as a mole in the Muller investigation. But Muller's team appears to have no doubt that Manafort was lying to them. That means they didn't really need his testimony at all it also means they had no need to keep secrets. They could keep giving Manafort the impression that he was pulling a fast one over the prosecutors all the while reporting misleading information to Trump that so that he could use them to fill out his own open book test, which increases the likelihood that Trump just submitted sworn answers to those questions full of lies. The government will file a detailed sentencing submission to the probation department in the court in advance of sentencing that sets force the nature of the defendants crimes in lies, including those after signing the plea agreement here in and that's supposed to be next week. I think yeah. There's your Muller report, which will be provided in a form that Matt Whitaker won't be able to suppress. Oh, my. Technically, bypasses Whitaker's ability to suppress the facts that would just be fantastic. That's all the caller was correct. According the US border and customs the frequency is different during twenty sixteen Obama's last full year in the office troops used tear gas at the border only three times the next year border agents used it eighteen ties more of Trump's at the record in two thousand eighteen for the most tear gas deployments at the border. According to Newsweek over the total of twenty nine incidents so far. So okay. This again disgraceful in both cases. But this is this is different. They know that this is mostly women and children fleeing violence, and you can see it at the border can see that. There is no need to use tear gas. I can't speak to and again with the contact this false equivalency. We always this is where the pay these people to call shows like this. So they take my valuable airtime to go bum. And did he do? You know, and it's just it's an Obama separated. No, absolutely. Did not. It's always a matter of nuance. This is the top. Now, we will use Meyer time to to talk about. Now, we have both sides do it equivalence. And this is what they do all the nine. And it just infuriates me. It's like there is almost different wartime obstruction impeachable indictable offence. Hourly is the Trump administration. And I it just it's that's their only. Right, but Obama, but Hillary that's all they've got. It's a fifth grade defense twenty nine minutes after the hour, Malcolm Nance next..

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