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I came which music star got her start on the disney show wizards of waverly place what is the name of charlie brown's sister oh benny jillian michaels was a fitness trainer on what nbc reality show eric chewbacca is what kind of species what is the name of charlie brown's sister cindy theory was sally i'm sorry kids sally i know harsh i feel bad for all the sallies out there sally field anyway sally jesse raphael valley bo bali sally o'malley sally struthers five seconds thirty questions you could win a prize if you get all the questions right but only at twelve thirty on the colleen and bradley show thank you for playing unfortunately she did not win today's prize as a constellation for all of you out there who are still losers donna is here to play something we love doing each and every day with holly it's called blinded by the item thanks for coming in donna have you as our guest player well this is where we read blind items and bradley and donna today we'll try to solve them all these blind items come from one of our favorite websites called crazy days and nights dot net so our first blind item from crazy days nights dot net has.

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