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File but i don't know that like the developer of that is making a lot of changes all the time and i think any change in favor of accuracy that in that the the developer like hey look this is actually gonna impact performance in in even crazier wave than this thing already does but we're trying to be accurate here so deal with it um which i think it's like a good way to go the pure philosophical peru yeah and then people are taking you know that's an opensource emulate or so people are taking that and going what what are some speed hacks we could throw in here that produce the accuracy in a way that most people won't know a wall notice then we can port that to a live retro core or whatever like all this other stuff that ends up being mike more mainstream accessible for for people um that are into that stuff that just won't play the games um so yeah i dunno opens emulate since led to a lot of weird shit over the years uh it's good but it is led a lot of stuff of just like now you've got i feel that for the people who maintain maim uh because uh current maim does not run great honor raspberry pie but fucking fat the tons of people want to just take a raspberry pie philip l'arcade games and then build that into a cabinet they don't want to spend the money to put proper pc and they're they're just like oh put a pioneer it'll be fine and then they have to run a super old version of maim to get there that is then less accurate sometimes doesn't support the same files so if you go look at likely maim sub read it or any place where like people perceive to be a support channel for maim we will go mike how do i get the good rome or maimed zero eight seven six seven eight some old ask conversion to maim and just like the people that viking are still working on this thing and making it more accurately better it's like taft ship you get the sense that they are just like fucking like five minutes waves earth fuck you people seriously instead but in.

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