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Tell me which one tell me which one you wanna hear the nominees for you can do the looking like a snack actor of the year. We can do. Let's see we can do horny us movie character. No, that's too good. We gotta keep that you want to looking like a snack actor of the year. Yeah. I think that's generic enough. It's t's, okay. Also best picture nominees and worst picture nominees are based off of the audiences top ten rankings. Okay. That's fair. That makes sense. All right. So looking like a snack actor of the year nominations, Henry Cavill, mission impossible fallout Jason momoa, aquaman, Michael Jordan, creed to Bradley Cooper, a star is born John David Washington, black klansman, Ryan Gosling. I man John Christine ski of quiet place. Jamie Dornan fifty shades freed congrats Jamie Dornan. Jason ISAACs, the death of Stalin and Kyle Chandler. I man the gos- God not nominated this year. That's a shame. Can you nominate him for? I man. I did you're right. I'm I completely dead wrong. You're fucking with my head. Yup. I personally like. I forgot the nominees. Dude fundermann. Tougher Henry Cavill enough to win this award. I think Henry Campbell has just one of the bag. Oh, it's locked up. That's like if I if I was a betting man, I was going to bet on the ghost. That'd be my stone cold, look, I do like I like John Christine ski for the dad vibes. He was thrown off the sexy dad by he had quite pleased with the the Maroons shell caller sweater throughout. But he was a bad debt. He was a. He was a man and he gave into temptation and ultimately caused family problems. But breaking forgive us. Lord. He sacrificed himself as children in his family for that. We will remember it. We will definitely remember his character name, which was Peter. All right. So that's that's that will reveal the nominations on Sunday. We also have an interview on Sunday to about that. When the interview..

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