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The owners and we decided to claim for forty. Never thinking that you would turn out to be what he is. been in like five different barnes and You know he was really doing well down there in San Louis Ray. I just leave him there with the lay assistant. Were the most so you know. He worked for Bobby Frankel for thirty five years. So you know he kinda knows what and Yeah he's he was always in New York with bobby he's A. He's a good horseman and They have a very good crew down there. I have a Lotta winter's coming out that track especially on grass But no the difference was the ride. I think you know Johnny. We saved all the ground you cut the corner and and Horses been knocking on the door. He's been running right there he just hasn't had the trip and the other day trip and it was a really really really good thing for the owner. I mean she's been battling cancer for years now and She was telling me that it was the first day that she had to wear her hat now. So that happened. And she's been you know going to you know Asian and this smaller owner but very very very much Loves the game and this is a real big win for her. Let's let's tremendous. That's business. Is that Mississippi Athenian. Yeah so it was a good win for her in Bruce stands and you know you never think you're.

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