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A moment i'm sure he was waiting for he is still looking good applaud about threecar links over bill elliott talked about earlier somebody run over something down there and evidently earnhardt has they're out in the pit crew is out with tires and they've got the board out but he's not coming in well it can't there's a car right to the inside of him it's ricky rudd was battling earnhardtford position and he's got bobby allison filling up his view mirror they're fighting for fifth spot kayla's fourth these long gone from that battle but they will struggle for fifth as they get turn lun they struggled inside of dale earnhardt sky ricky rudd trying to make a mover not cabin a hang on the car nearly came around on him ricky rod gifts room as earn high tried to save the car and bobby allison takes advantage of it he comes to the inside of the motor crap ford on the straightaway alison we'll pick up a couple of spots is he will belong side earnhardt as they come to the tunnel richmond owes a poor carling advantage over elliott elliott with about six hundred to jodeci petty alien looks to be the one who is closing in on the top spot they come down the short shoot those two cars richmond and elliott of broken way quite a bit for the rest of the field you don't see any del finishes are races at pocono international raceway the exception is not going to be shown up here today here they come out of turn three and back into the start finish line one hundred and ninety eight laps go on the board there to to go richmond again drives out in the middle of the racetrack prize disturb their flow a little bit on bill elliott elliott's there within five car lakes betty is now at least two seconds back there back in one told the front two cars will evidently for the moment fat about among themselves richmond taking a much lower line to.

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