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And we cannot recommend it highly enough, and Brian I proceeded as always thank you. It was great and being on again. Absolutely. Brian San Fratello brighter farm on on Twitter to follow Brian and the breads as well on their Twitter feed. We'll take a break here. Little pass the bottom of the hour. Gonna check in with Seth Mero. There's a bit of interesting story. I I don't know how much Seth as has had a chance to talk overnight with capital, TV management, John the signature in particular. But the story emerged out of governor Cuomo's budget the opportunity for some of the OT bees in New York to sort. Refashion their business. And there may it may. Create. A scenario where some absorption there may be some Morphing of the OTP system throughout New York. And of course, capital a really probably in the position to expand under that. Auspice will see if you saw this. But I don't know how much Seth knows. But we'll talk to him next. We'll do a little handicapping as well. We'll get his Pegasus thoughts. He went down there and was doing some cut away visits. And he talked to some owners and talked a little bit of everybody looked like Seth had a great time down at Pegasus. I don't think he was there for clips. I think he got there and Friday Seth Merrin next..

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