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5 O 8 If you can we can Michael and son Jack Taylor's in the traffic center at Bruce couple issues going on this morning starting in Virginia will begin on I 95 northbound with delay If you try to get toward two 34 in dumfries unfortunately we had a vehicle go off the roadway along the right side of the roadway It's just single file left as we've got a couple of tow trucks on scene across the roadway trying to get this vehicle back on the road Now you will find otherwise we'd had some activity from an earlier truck fire It's been put out in a loop of the beltway before Braddock road We still got a lot of activity along the far right side of the roadway Now in Centreville with caution 28 south manage to approach 66 earlier we had a wooden pallet that was down in the left lane on clear V dot is arrived on scene and removed it yet Three 95 looks good at a Springfield north riding up toward the 14th street bridge so far with that issue or delay Beltway itself fine in Maryland through Montgomery and prince George's counties two 70s good to go south out of Frederick as you ride down toward the lane divide There have been some activity south in the main line before 28 vehicle went into the Jersey wall has a couple of flat tires tow truck has been requested onto scene Now hopefully our work is cleared getting into mount airy 70 eastbound as you leave new market before you get toward mount airy They were bridge deck repairs that right lane had only been getting by throughout the overnight And we believe that should be in the wrap up stages still a nice quiet ride between the beltways both 95 and the BW Parkway Go trip early downtown so far so good riding across the freeway D.C. two 95 and I two 95 Earn up to a $1000 per week in a fun family friendly environment Silver diners hiring servers at all locations excellent pay and benefits Silver diner dot com work well Be well Jack Taylor WTO P traffic It's going to be unusually warm today Let's check here with Mike xenophon When adviser in effect from 11 o'clock this morning until 1 a.m. on Tuesday Wednesday goes up to 50 miles an hour partly to mostly cloudy today becoming quite windy You gotta be a warm day It could be a shower.

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