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Half hour, David Bartchuk shop healthy at the grocery store and also camera Clifton talking about California and the southern border. You know, there is going to be an alternative on comedy central to the late night political landscape, David Spade. How about that? Here's Michelle Pollino. It was long overdue but comedy central's presenting a challenge to the late night landscape, actor and comedian David Spade spayed will go head to head with opening monologues from NBC's, Jimmy Fallon, CBS's, Stephen Colbert and ABC's Jimmy Kimmel and have a lead in the daily show with Trevor Noah, but it won't have a political bent. It's gonna lean heavy on pop culture their program, which is yet to be titled will include a rotating group of celebrities and comedians moving against the current crop of late night hosts that center on bashing President Trump on a nightly basis. Michelle Pollino, Fox News. That might be fun. David spades, very snarky when it comes to pop culture and celebrity jokes. He's really good at that. And oh, by the way, tiny J powers checks in with us this morning as well. And comedian Bill Cosby describing his prison experience and using a surprising word he's been imprisoned for a little more than four months. But according to a spokesman, Andrew Wyatt Bill Cosby has a positive spin on his time behind bars. Wyatt in an interview this week said that quote, despite the circumstances. Cosby told him prison is an amazing experience. Cosby was convicted last year of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman at his home in two thousand four and was sentenced to three to ten years in state prison, his wife and their daughters have not visited him there. And why it says that's because Cosby doesn't want to have them quote in that environment. Cosby is now in the prisons general population, and is appealing his conviction. Tanya, very powers,.

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