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Hey, what's going on in redder? Why turnby? Hey, everyone. So next week is thanksgiving. And for those of you don't know the town that city of Holywood, basically shuts down on, you know, big holiday weeks, all the executives I take off meaning even early and we're starting to see that today because the news kind of slowed down to a, you know, very slow rate. So we're working on less interesting stories than usual, but we do have some in pinions to to to give you on these stories. So let's jump into it. Let's start off with film struck which it was nnounced was being canceled. You know, there have been petitions. And now some filmmakers have gathered together in support of trying to see film struck each day. Tell us about it. Yes, there's a huge uproar. When wonder brothers announced that it would be shattering film struck last month and a petition arose online, which as we all know never really leave anything, but then bigger names just gambled or Toro and other claimed rector started to put their throw their weight behind this online petition. And now he and other big name directors have been together to plead with more Warner media group to say film struck and this includes Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Paul Thomas.

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