Truman Administration, Truman, Nlrb discussed on The Majority Report with Sam Seder - 1633 - Michael A. McCarthy: Dismantling Solidarity: Capitalist Politics and American Pensions since the New Deal


And actually there saving on labourcost right they're not paying the striking workers and so and so what happened was um uh there were there were there was kind of a standoff over this issue uh and it would not have i don't think that it would have resolved in favor of labour winning collectively bargained pension plans had not been for the truman administration to intervene in these conflicts and when when when the trimming interest in administration intervened wasn't because they um you know they they loved private pensions or they were somehow sort of you know just in the pocket of unions or something like that it was because policymakers were were really concerned about sort of getting the american economy working again and capturing those uh those uh economic opportunities in in in the end um european and asian markets and so truman administration intervene some in some cases directly seizing uh uh a production there was there was a number of cases where truman actually comes in and uses uses the law to kind of force uh workers back to work to sort of seeds production threatened to to run um um uh i'll turn of workers if they don't um and uh and the national labor relations board the nlrb which was trimming appointed at the time made a number of really key rulings um uh relating to labour law a route around the legality of of of bargaining over pensions which essentially encouraged employers to to uh to bargain over these things um so basically i mean it basically they weighed in in favor of of of the union's uh and they strengthen the union's um uh bargaining in that situation um which was i in in some ways ironically a ploy to get the the management to basically say hey we wanna just support public expansion of pensions.

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