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If you're trying to smuggle a little marijuana onto a plane wh how can you do it so i actually went online and did a little bit of research here so apparently if you're trying to smuggle pot onto an airplane which is stupid by the way if you're an nfl player it's stupid you should just not do it period but if you really gotta bring it should only be like an eighth if you're bringing anything you can hide it in various ways we'll get to that in the moment doron brought sixteen point six times and eighth that is a lot and you know let's say some of my best friends who maybe smoke weed occasionally three point five grams is going to last a really really long time for them that's eight he brought sixteen point six times that what an idiot how do you break that much and it's again it's not like he's he's bringing enough like he's glenn davis or something like that but you brought sixteen point six times what you probably need one idiot and again if you're going to take it on a plane and you're going to bring this much i don't know how you're going to be able to bring it on bring it on and smuggle it correctly and i looked up to do this again i've not done this never ever ever a good well behaved boy you want to put it in your carry on apparently allegedly you wanna empty an opaque bottle of over the counter medication pecan balls on top marijuana put pills on top of the cotton balls allegedly if you want to go through that and if you have tsa pre check apparently you could put a bag in your shoe i i saw this online apparently this this is available to you the internet the world wide web as a place where you can figure out how to break the law vladi and art brought up should should a guy by weed and south america it's probably not the best idea to buy weed in south america but at the same time you're in costa rica.

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