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So jeff if I want to turn to the big news of the week. The Iowa caucuses We are recording Wednesday at one. PM and right now with seventy one percent kind of the precincts reporting Pete. Buddha judge has a slim lead over Bernie Sanders the big question. We've been following whether rising alarm about climate change will actually actually make a difference for who voters support so we sent reporter. Chris Wall Jasper to the Caucasus on Monday night to hear how voters were talking about climate. Hey Chris thanks for coming on the show. Yeah glad to be here so You grew up in. I was right. Yeah yeah about About a half hour from where. I was reporting on Monday which was where I was in to a town. The town of Mount Pleasant and About ten miles east of their Town called New London. Mount pleasant. Got About eight thousand people also medium sized town for that part of Iowa so tell me what you were expecting to hear when you ask people about climate and and tell me what you actually found. But let's take the first question I I. What were you expecting to hear when you ask people about climate? Yeah you know. I really wasn't sure You know just from from friends and family in the area. It is a topic of conversation but I wasn't really sure if that'd be a driving force as people were heading into Monday night. That being said I I was really surprised that almost everyone I spoke to if it wasn't one of their top issues. It was something that they were thinking about as they were You know aligning themselves with these different candidates For instance. I talked to a gentleman named John at the caucus He's a retired pharmacist. who kind of surprised me with his answer? The first thing is whoever gets to get the nomination for the the Democratic Party. They beat trump. Let's my number one issue. I'm very interested in climate change. I think that's important issue. That isn't being addressed currently in political of climate that we're currently in. I have six grandkids all under the age of ten. I WANNA see a world that they can enjoy and living so hearing that you might think John would be supporting a candidate who's really come out strong. On climate change somebody like sanders or worn or even Bloomberg but he actually supported Buddha judge edge Someone who's not really thought of as a climate candidate but nonetheless did really well in a midwestern state. That's really been hit with some extreme weather in in recent years. So what do you think about. The Buddha judge comes across as the big winner along with Bernie Sanders and Hiwa dealing that means anything for the climate amid issue. Couple of things going on here in Chris really tapped into it I The Associated Press Act s people as they were coming in to the caucuses. You know what's Chernomyrdin issue. Climate was like like way up there. It was the number two issue Their healthcare thirty percent of the people coming into the caucus. Then it's it's their top issue but the other thing that is interesting here for Pete Buddha. He seems to have pulled off he. He's talked enough about climate change that he's a credible candidate it even to caucus goers who who who are really concerned about climate change He's not you know considered climate candidate but he apparently did enough that even a caucus Gorelick like John Could support him. Okay so Chris Oh so what about Bernie Sanders who's done almost equally well as Buddha judge in the preliminary results. He's been he's really been hammering. Climate change change the green new deal. Did you hear many people talk about Sanderson climate so I talked to several sanders supporters on Monday and While there are a number of issues that they were thinking about economic equality Healthcare climate change was the top one or two issue for these sanders supporters One a person person for example is this Woman named Iris She in management but Really was focused on on climate without having a viable plan for climate. Change to make sure that we're moving forward the way that we need to in fifty years were not gonNa have anything left to have to worry about how our education system or politics or who were voting for it's not gonNA matter So climate change is the number one issue so so Chris. Irish obviously feels pretty strongly about climate Why do you think she's? She's the strongest she is and and others in the caucus seem to reflect that that perspective as well. A lot of people pointed to the To the extreme weather that we saw last year One person in particular was this Eighteen year old a young woman named Aurora. She was CAUCUSING ORCAS in for Warren but climate was her number one top issue. It is just kind of scary to see like extreme flooding here us one thing I have noticed. I know when I was younger. Oh I didn't see these extreme flooding and I'm I'm only eighteen. So what is the effects of that within a couple of years kinda crazy to think about I think what. You've you're clearly seeing here here. Is that these these cocker scores as they come in some of them have said they've they're seeing extreme flooding. They're seeing impacts the farmers. They're seeing seeing you know things like droughts and that's changing the way they're thinking about this issue and why they're moving it up the up the scale which means that the candidates themselves had to address this order to get their votes all right Chris. Hey listen thanks for for for helping us out and hope to talk you down the road very good. Glad to climate twenty twenty is produced in association with a year's project and postscript audio funding is provided by excellent a company that believes that confronting climate change is essential to maintaining the strength and prosperity of the cities. It serves. That's why the excellent foundation launched a twenty million dollar Climate Change Investment Initiative to fund entrepreneurs finding new solutions to fighting climate. Change for more information visit. Excellent Foundation Dot Org show is hosted by me David Gelber and me Jeff. Nesbit climate twentieth twentieth produced by Jamie Kaiser Daniel Waldorf and Stephen Lacey. Sean Maher Qantas Qantas are sound designer and composed our theme music additional music and cover art by Kent Nickerson then. Branston is our production intern special. Thanks to Chris. Wall Jasper for field reporting in Iowa. 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